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Fathers Day


Building a canoe, and ties to his late father

Trent Preszler had an estranged relationship with his father, who died of cancer in 2014. His only inheritance was his father's toolbox. Setting out to build a canoe from scratch using his father's tools, Preszler saw his project lead to life-changing realizations about self-discovery, reconciliation and forgiveness. "CBS This Morning" lead national correspondent David Begnaud talks with Preszler about the hidden meanings of building these one-of-a-kind canoes, and about Preszler's memoir, "Little and Often."


“Sunday Morning” Matinee: “Chicago” in lockdown

When there is not a pandemic, the cast of the Tony-winning musical “Chicago” performs at New York’s Ambassador Theatre, home of the longest-running American musical in Broadway history. Alas, with stages shut down, the quarantined ladies of “Chicago” (Amra-Faye Wright, Arian Keddell, Mary Claire King, Pilar Millhollen, Rachel Schur and Tonya Wathen) have created a socially-distanced performance of "Cell Block Tango," exclusively for "Sunday Morning” viewers. Happy Father’s Day!

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