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Ukraine says kids are being taken by Russia

Thousands of Ukrainian children have reportedly been taken away from their homes and moved to camps in Russia or Belarus since the start of the war. Officially, the Ukrainian government has documented more than 19,000 children taken by Russia, but told CBS News they worry the actual number could be closer to 300,000. Nathaniel Raymond, the director at Yale Humanitarian Research Lab at the Yale School of Public Health, joined CBS News to discuss.


Russian, Belarusian players back at Wimbledon

As Wimbledon begins its second week of play in London, the world is watching the return of tennis players from Russia and Belarus after they were banned from play last year due to Russia's war in Ukraine. This year a total of 18 players from those countries qualified in singles play, but not without controversy. To talk about the situation, CBS News was joined by Jules Boykoff, an author and professor of political science at Pacific University and a former Olympic soccer player.


Wagner uprising against Putin ends peacefully

Yevgeny Prigozhin, the head of the Wagner mercenary group who led a brief uprising against the Russian military leadership, agreed to end hostilities and head to Belarus. In return, he will not face prosecution. Wagner troops have played a crucial role in Russia's war in Ukraine, capturing the eastern city of Bakhmut, an area where the bloodiest and longest battles have taken place. This rebellion is being seen as the strongest challenge to President Vladimir Putin's rule, and despite being swiftly defused, questions remain within Russia about his authority and the country's war in Ukraine. CBS News foreign correspondent Ian Lee has our report.


Belarus claims to receive Russian nukes

Ukraine is continuing its counteroffensive against Russia with officials saying the fighting is extremely fierce. Meanwhile, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko claimed Wednesday his country has started taking delivery of tactical nuclear weapons from Russia. CBS News foreign correspondent Ian Lee reports on the counteroffensive, and Samuel Charap, senior political scientist at the Rand Corporation, joins CBS News to discuss Lukashenko's claims.

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