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Oz campaigns in McCandless with focus on economy, crime and fentanyl

Oz campaigns in McCandless with focus on economy, crime and fentanyl
Oz campaigns in McCandless with focus on economy, crime and fentanyl 02:36

MCCANDLESS, Pa. (KDKA) - With only four days until Election Day, Republican senatorial candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz hit the campaign trail in the Pittsburgh area.

The country is paying close attention to Pennsylvania's hotly contested Senate race and the candidates are making the final push to shore up support from voters.

On Friday night, around 300 people attended Oz's Get Out the Vote rally in McCandless to hear what Oz had to say. Oz talked about the economy and inflation, crime and fentanyl, and safe communities and a secure border.

"Right now, in America, we need to bring balance to Washington," said Oz.

Polls show a close race between the celebrity heart surgeon and Democrat Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman.

Oz asked the crowd at his rally in McCandless to pose one question to ten different people, regardless of which political party they support.

"You're going to ask ten people -- here's the question: Are you happy where the country is headed?" Oz said.

He told his supporters to focus on three issues, with the first being the economy.

"It's pretty clear you don't want to take Biden's spending program and make it worse. That's exactly what John Fetterman pledged to do," Oz said.

The second issue he talked about was crime. 

"I got the endorsement of the Fraternal Order of Police, it was unanimous because they feel so wronged," he said. He then went on to talk about how police departments are struggling to get enough job applicants.

The last issue Oz discussed was fentanyl.

"We're top give in fentanyl overdose deaths. The state troopers, who have also endorsed me, let me know we have seven times more fentanyl in Pennsylvania now than we did two years ago," Oz said.

Oz supporters shared what issues they care about and why they're voting on Tuesday.

"Right now, it's inflation because we've had now a Senate and a House that's just gone along with spending, like crazy spending, for no reason, even when people didn't need the money anymore, they're still spending,"  said Melissa Hart, a former congresswoman. "So that's placing future generations here in trouble."

"Cause the country's in trouble," said Ray Konesky, a Wexford resident. "I think most people realize where we are at today and I think that's why he has a good chance of winning. We are not in good shape right now. I definitely think you have to vote or don't cry about it. You need to get out and vote."

Former President Donald Trump will campaign for Oz at the Arnold Palmer Regional Airport in Latrobe on Saturday night. Former President Barrack Obama will rally voters for Fetterman in Pittsburgh on Saturday morning.

A recent CBS News battleground tracker poll has the Pennsylvania Senate race narrowing, with Fetterman leading Oz by a 51% to 49%.

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