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Following Tyre Nichols killing, community leaders, experts urge importance of keeping mental health care in mind

Mental health top of mind before release of Tyre Nichols arrest video
Mental health top of mind before release of Tyre Nichols arrest video 01:45

NEW YORK - As the community reels from yet another violent police-involved death and prepares to witness the final moments of Tyre Nichols life, community leaders and experts share how we can take care of our mental health as we learn to cope with the latest loss.

The pain of Nichols's family permeated the air as they prepared for the release of police body cam footage.

"For me to find out that my son was calling my name, and I was only feet away and did not even hear him?" his mother RowVaugh Wells pleaded at the press conference. "You have no clue how I feel right now, no clue."

While the Memphis Police Department immediately arrested the five former officers involved, across the country, tension has returned top of mind.

Rev. Ronald Sullivan leads Harlem's Christian Parish for Spiritual Renewal, and has been encouraging his members and friends to feel the pain.

"We're not going to get through it," Sullivan said. "It's trauma. It's going to hurt, so for those of us who are going to choose to watch the footage when it's released this evening, know that you're inviting trauma into your spirit."

"But then process that with the mind of how do I go from here?" he continued. "How do I heal from here? And how can I help others heal from here?"

Clinical psychologist Dr. Jeff Gardere advises parents to keep young children from watching the video.

"It would be very traumatic for them to see that," Gardere said, "but more than anything else, it's about the conversation that these particular situations continue to happen."

He and Sullivan agree, do not hide your hurt. Instead, talk about it.

"What I would ask or urge people to do," Sullivan said. "Start looking for humanity in one another's eyes and faces. Let's start giving one other true value for all being human and created equal."

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