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Sophie Simmons Discusses Performance At Mercury Lounge

(CBS New York)-- Even though Sophie Simmons didn't initially want to be a musician, the 26-year-old was always destined for a career in music.

The daughter of KISS's Gene Simmons is following in her father's footsteps as a musician. The Indie Pop star performed earlier this week at the Mercury Lounge in Lower Manhattan and the experience was unlike anything she's ever been apart of before.

"It was really cool to be in the green room and see all the bands that had written their names on the walls or stuck stickers," said Simmons in an interview with CBS Local. "I didn't have a sticker, so I used a pencil to scribble my name on the wall."

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The performance was Simmons' first in New York City and the biggest of her career. Playing at the Mercury Lounge was particularly special because her father performed there over 40 years ago.

"There was an old picture of my Dad, which was so cool," said Simmons. "It was from the 1970s and I was like I'm in the right place, I'm following the footsteps and slowing getting there."

Music was a constant in Simmons' early years. While her father didn't come home and play his face melting guitar solos, Gene and his wife Sharon Tweed introduced Sophie to the classics right off the bat.

"We were listening to the Beatles, Aretha Franklin, Etta James, and Ella Fitzgerald" said Simmons. "We were listening to all those big names and amazing voices. If you're going to get influenced by someone, those are the people."

This winter, Simmons is trying something totally new with a Christmas single called "Courage For Christmas." While many artists create holiday hits this time of year, this song is nothing like the typical Christmas jingle.

"I hope people leave listening to the song feeling like they've got a bit more courage to tell that special person how they feel," said Simmons. "The song for me is about the people I cut out of my life last year. I wish I had just told them one last time I love you and I value you, but I just don't think you were meant to be in my life. Sometimes the best thing to do is to let people go or tell them how you feel."

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