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SHOCK VIDEO: Jets Lambasted By Angry Fans At Halftime On Thanksgiving Night

By Jeff Capellini,

NEW YORK (WFAN) -- The Jets are having a brutal season. And it appears some fans have no problem telling them so.

On Thanksgiving night at MetLife Stadium in front of a national television audience, in a game they absolutely had to have to keep their slim at-best playoff hopes alive, the Jets went out and crashed in spectacular fashion against New England, losing 49-19.

The score was bad enough, but how they went down was worse.

Following a scoreless opening quarter, the Patriots hung 35 unanswered points on Gang Green in the second quarter alone, doing so in incredibly bizarre fashion. The Jets gave up an early touchdown just six seconds into the quarter, but then the roof caved in as they allowed three more touchdowns in 52 seconds, highlighted by the Patriots' 32-yard return of a Mark Sanchez fumble.

But that fumble wasn't just a typical turnover. It will without question go down in Jets dysfunction lore. It likely will be remembered in the same vain as the Dan Marino "fake spike" touchdown in 1994 and the Bubby Brister shovel pass interception that resulted in a touchdown for the Carolina Panthers the following year.

It was that bad.

On a broken play that featured Sanchez looking to hand the ball off, only to have him find nobody at home, he then tried to make the best of  it by scrambling up the middle. Instead of simply eating the ball, Sanchez crashed into the backside (or rear end) of offensive lineman Brandon Moore. The ball popped loose, the Patriots' Steve Gregory picked it up and the rest was infamy.

If that play wasn't bad enough, Joe McKnight fumbled the ensuing kickoff right into the hands of the Patriots' Julian Edelman, who returned the ball 25 yards for a score, effectively ending the Jets' night and sending a lot of people home early.

But not everyone.

WARNING: Some Graphic Language


On a YouTube video that had amassed some 245,000 hits prior to publication of this story, fans near the tunnel to the home locker room are seen -- and definitely heard -- laying into the Jets for their terrible play. Most of what was said could not be written here, but it's safe to say the content of the verbal barrage had specific targets.

The entire team walked off with heads hidden in helmets as an ocean of profanity washed down. Sanchez and head coach Rex Ryan were the main individuals singled out by the mob, but, mostly, if you wore green that night you were going to get it.

Except if your name was Tim Tebow.

Tebow, the Jets' lightning rod of a back-up quarterback who never plays and rarely speaks but always seems to be in the middle of all the controversy, was being summoned by the fans on the video. They begged for him to start the second half, much like how many have begged for him to assume the starting quarterback role throughout the season's first 12 weeks.

"Tebow, save us!" a fan screamed.

And many other fans followed suit, demanding the left-handed quarterback get some playing time, perhaps in the hope that he could lead the type of comeback he became known for while playing last season with the Denver Broncos.

Alas, Tebow didn't play in any capacity as it was later learned he had a rib injury. And the Jets went out and ducked and covered their way through a meaningless 30 minutes of football.

They say it's never easy being green. It certainly hasn't been in 2012, and definitely wasn't on Thursday night.

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