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The Trend: Sadie Robertson Shows Off Her Fearless Tattoo, Discusses The Moment She Said 'No More'

1010 WINS -- You've seen her on Duck Dynasty and Dancing With the Stars, but she is also a motivational speaker and a New York Times bestselling author.

She's Sadie Robertson and she stopped by The Trend to talk about her new book Live Fearless.

Host Rebecca Granet asked Sadie about the title of her book as well as the "Fearless" tattoo on her arm.

"I never thought I would get a tattoo or anything like that, mainly because ironically I would be afraid of that because it would hurt," Sadie said. "But I went through this long journey of fear -- just totally crippling fear -- anxiety, panic attacks things that kept me from things I should've done, things ... it was really just crippling. It felt like I was kind of in this pit and I couldn't really be my full self and so I worked so hard to come into freedom and to get out of that."

Sadie says she remembers the minute she realized 'no more' and called her mom who she would always call when she was having a panic or anxiety attack. She said she told her mother, "I'm fearless. I'm not afraid anymore."

Her mom laughed and said OK. She then told her mom she was getting a tattoo that says fearless.

"And literally from that moment on -- it wasn't that fear didn't come and it wasn't that the temptation to go back into that anxiety wasn't there, it was just that I made a decision. 'I was like, no. I'm not going to live like that anymore and I started day by day walking out freedom. And that was a journey. And so for me, after I went on that journey that's when I wanted to write the book because I want other people to know this is an option and you really can just say 'no more.'"

And the rest is book history.

Live Fearless is now available online and at bookstores.

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