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Real Life 'Jaws?' Great White Shark Tracked Into Long Island Sound

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) - A great white shark was detected Monday in Long Island Sound, not unlike the fictional beast in the Academy Award-winning 1975 film "Jaws."

Ocearch, a group that tracks ocean life, posted a picture of "Cabot," a nearly 10-foot-long fish swimming near Greenwich, Connecticut.

They had tagged the shark last fall and have been following him ever since.

Shark experts say it measures 9-foot 8-inches long, weighs 533 pounds and is likely looking for smaller fish to eat.

The group says Cabot's presence could be a sign of environmental improvement.

"This is something to celebrate,"said Chris Fisher, a researcher with Ocearch. "I know they've been working hard in the sound to clean it up and to get life to come back to the region and when you have an apex predator like Cabot move in to the area, that's a sign there's a lot of life in the area and you've probably got things moving in the right direction."

Web Extra: Tagging Cabot The Great White Shark

(video courtesy of Nichole Ring/Ocearch)
This great white shark was tagged last October and has traveled as far south as Florida.

People can follow Cabot and other tagged animals on the organization's website,

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