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Pro-Palestinian protest gathers outside Nova exhibit in NYC, 3 people arrested

3 arrested during pro-Palestinian demonstration outside Nova Exhibit in NYC
3 arrested during pro-Palestinian demonstration outside Nova Exhibit in NYC 01:38

NEW YORK -- Pro-Palestinian protests moved through Manhattan on Monday night, resulting in three arrests. 

The demonstrations started off in Union Square, but protesters ended up taking over a subway station and disrupting service. They then took the train to Wall Street, where a large crowd gathered outside the The Nova Music Festival Exhibition.

The Nova exhibit pays tribute to the victims of the October 7 terrorist attack on an Israeli music festival

Protesters lit flares and opened smoke canisters outside the museum, chanting "long live the intifada" and even holding signs celebrating the massacre.

Police were seen in the subways and in the crowd trying to maintain order. 

The NYPD's chief of transit defended the actions of officers on the social media platform X, writing, "when well over 100 plus people enter a subway station at the same time, with some yelling and chanting, some acting disorderly, and some entering illegally by 'jumping the turnstile,' I'd say it's only appropriate that the police get involved to determine what is going on."

In the end, three people were arrested. 

Congressman Ritchie Torres and Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine condemned the crowd on social media, with Levine calling their actions "vile" and "repulsive."

The recently opened Nova exhibit shows objects that were gathered from the deadly festival, including charred cars, bullet-riddled bathroom stalls and camping tents. 

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