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Police Capture Squirrel Stealing Cookies From Family Home

1010 WINS-It wasn't Cookie Monster who was caught crumb-handed stealing treats from this Brockport family's cookie jar!

Crazy Squirrel Thumb
Brockport Police Department

Over the New Year's weekend, police were called to a home just outside of Rochester, NY after a critter allegedly broke in and was caught helping himself to some cookies in the family kitchen.

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In dashcam video provided by Brockport Police, you can see the little rascal bounce from the window to the table and then directly into one of the responding officers. He then ran out of the home but quickly returned, presumably to cover up his tracks or get his lucky hat, Indiana Jones-style.

A bad decision, because police were then able to detain and release him with no injuries.

-Rebecca Zamer/Joe Cingrana

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