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Maggie Gray Of 'Afternoon Drive': Beckham's Tweets To Apple Were All About Impressing Giants GM

NEW YORK (WFAN) -- Were Odell Beckham Jr.'s tweets to teammate Eli Apple on Sunday sincere? Or did he have an ulterior motive?

After Apple got into a back-and-forth with critical fans on Twitter, Beckham wrote to the second-year cornerback: "Brooooo I kno it feels good to tell these ppl off , trust me I would love nothin more than to do the same. But don't waste ur time on these ppl, half the ppl don't even have real accounts. Stop bro, ur better than that. U weren't... and I wasn't... good enough this year."

On WFAN's "The Afternoon Drive" on Monday, Maggie Gray said she thought Beckham's true objective was rather obvious.

"This was directed not to Eli Apple; this was to (new Giants general manager) Dave Gettleman, to say, 'Hey, I'm willing to step up and take a leadership role this year,'" she said.

Gray said Beckham's future contract negotiations also likely were a driving force behind the tweets.

Bart Scott said if Beckham wants to prove he's a real leader, it's going to take more than one action.

"This is a start, but c'mon, man, I'm not falling for the pump fake," he said.

Chris Carlin, meanwhile, said the Giants should seriously consider moving on from Beckham if they can get a high first-round pick for him.

"I am never going to deny the kid's talent," he said. "Oh my God, it is off the charts. It is absolutely off the charts. There is a part of me that is starting to swing closer and closer and closer to the idea of trading him."

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