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'Occupy Wall Street' Takes Their Message To The Halloween Parade

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) - The annual Greenwich Village Halloween Parade, long known for its funky costumes and elaborate puppets and displays, got occupied last night.

Some 200 protesters with the Occupy Wall Street demonstration took their message to the parade, making elaborate floats and costumes.

One float was a large slot machine. Written across the top of it was "New York Slot Exchange" and "We Bet Your Life!" Attached to the side of the float was a large attachment resembling a vacuum cleaner, with fake money being drawn into it. Written on it was "This Sucks."

Photo Gallery: Halloween Parade Gets 'Occupied'

Other demonstrators carried signs saying "Democracy Now."

One person was dressed as the Statue of Liberty, with half her face reduced to a skeleton carrying chains. Along with the costume was a sign that read "Chains you can believe in? Occupy!"

One person dressed in a superhero outfit with a "U" emblazoned on it. He was "Unemployed Man." And of course there were folks wearing the now-ubiquitous Guy Fawkes mask, inspired by the man behind the failed plot to blow up England's parliament in 1605. The Fawkes mask became wildly popular after being worn by a fictional anarchist in the movie of Alan Moore's graphic novel "V For Vendetta."

One person wore a "Mr. Monopoly" outfit and carried a bag with a dollar sign on it. He sported a button that said "I am the 1%" on it. Picking up on that theme, other folks wore tuxedos and carried signs that said "Occupy St. Tropez."

Meanwhile, the protesters themselves may be starting to get concerned about matters of commerce. They're reportedly trying to trademark the phrase "Occupy Wall Street."

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