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NYC's 6 Best Fitness Classes For Your New Year's 2013 Resolution

Planning to ring in 2013 with the resolution to finally fit into your skinny jeans and reclaim your college weight? While you may have resolved to drop a few pounds during New Years days past, this time you'll stick to it and reach your goals with these tough trainers running NYC's best fitness classes for a New Years resolution. By Sarah Shaker.

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Lorna KettleX
(credit: Lorna Fit)

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Did you know kettlebells aren't just a weight, but a body-transforming tool? Meet Lorna Kleidman and she'll instruct you on the fat burning magic of kettlebells in her popular KettleX class. Thanks to the unique movement techniques involved in the KettleX program, students experience rapid and revolutionary transformations resulting in long, lean bodies while enhancing both energy and confidence. This tough workout is made fun with heart-pumping music and Lorna's encouraging, positive attitude.

Carl Hall Crunch Gym
(credit: Crunch Gym)

Known as a "party with pedals attached", you'll work your booty off to the high energy beats of hip-hop, rock, pop and techno as you climb, sprint and run with Carl Hall in his popular spin class at Crunch. Carl will make you laugh with his outstanding personality, while your muscles are pushed to their limit on the bike. With a dedicated following, Carl devotees travel around the city to each Crunch location for his classes alone. Make sure to arrive at least 30 minutes early to class to snag a bike - they get filled up fast!

Physique 57
(credit: Physique 57)

Physique Cardio is a brand new class to launch January 16, 2013 - just in time for your resolution for a better you! This high intensity fat burning class consists of fifty minutes of the fiercest thigh and seat sequences followed by seven minutes of stretching. Unlike other class offerings, this turbo-charged class follows a set choreographed sequence of their favorite calorie-blasting exercises so you can track your personal progress from class to class. If you're a Physique virgin, Physique Cardio isn't the class for you - instructors recommend you take 10 or more intermediate level classes before attempting.

Mark Fisher Fitness
(credit: Mark Fisher Fitness Facebook)

If you're just getting started with Mark Fisher's brand of fitness and sass, consider becoming an official "Fitness Ninja" their hazing process. In just 21 days the Mark Fisher Fitness team will instruct you in 8 fun and fierce classes as well as a one-on-one fitness consultation to find what's right for your body and level. This wild team doesn't take themselves seriously, but they will make your fitness and success a serious priority.

Tara at PNT Fitness
(credit: PNT Fitness Facebook)

Who said you can't lose weight with a little indulging? Tara Faye, owner of PNT Fitness in LIC, runs a hardcore cardio and weight training bootcamp style class, mixing circuits with aerobic routines before ending the session with a toast (or two) of wine. Classmates may be drenched in sweat from the workout, but the wine goes down just fine to relax you before an evening at home or out on the town. Tara also runs one of our favorite bootcamp classes in NYC so you know she'll kick your butt. Workout and Wine is the perfect healthy girls' night out to reach your resolutions and healthy goals with friends!

Stacy's Bootcamp
(credit: Stacy's Bootcamp)

Get a back to the basics approach to training outside the gym with Stacy's Bootcamp. Using your own body as weights and Central Park as the gym, Stacy Berman challenges you to surpass your limits and break down your barriers with moves steeped in kickboxing, martial arts, yoga and sports drills. This 3-week progressive workout focuses on 10-15 exercises modified slightly each week to challenge the participants and take out the plateau. A certified personal trainer and certified nutrition specialist, Stacy prides herself on teaching students how to become stronger both mentally and physically. Sessions for 2013 kick off January 7th, just in time to get into a fitness routine for the New Year.

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Sarah Shaker is the founder of the blog Bright Lights, My City.
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