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New Yorkers Soak Up The Sun For The Last Weekend Of Summer

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Believe it or not, this is the last weekend of summer, and with Saturday's wonderful weather, most people spent it outside.

Summer flew by for Joe Celak, who was glad for a sunny scorcher on the last weekend before the official start of fall. It helped him crank out cone after cone in his Coney Island ice cream truck.

"Summer is the best for me," he said.

"So what about it ending? We're going into fall. How do you feel?" CBS2's Dave Carlin asked.

"Sad. Very sad," Celak said.

April Barcellano was among the customers at the truck.

"I like summer the most because I came from the Philippines and my country is very, very hot weather, so summer reminds me of my country," she said.

"The day brought me out," Bensonhurst resident Thomas Gentile said. "I saw the opportunity to take it while you can get it, right?"

"I wish summer was all year," Coney Island resident Samuel Maldonado said.

Maldonado and his friend Keith Cruz hit a handball court at a Coney Island tournament.

"It's nice weather, beautiful. A lot of people are out," Cruz said.

And when it gets colder?

"There are locations that we do do indoors, so it doesn't completely die out, but it's not as exciting as playing outside," Maldonado said.

The weather was perfect for another tournament in Central Park at Bethesda Fountain.

"It's a beautiful thing to see people of all walks of life get together over this game we love," Rilwan Amin said.

Amin, a chess champ from East Orange, New Jersey, was among more than 500 players taking part in the Chess in the Park Rapid Open.

"It's a beautiful day in Central Park, can't complain. As long as we have snow delayed, I'm not mad at it," he said.

It was a tad too warm, said event organizers Ed Feldman, of the city parks department, and Debbie Eastburn, president of the group Chess in the Schools.

"Ideally it would be a little cooler and a little more cloud cover, but I'll take it. It's not raining," Feldman said.

"Yeah, I would have to say we are excited to have this sunny day, and it feels like the sun has come out for chess again in New York City," Eastburn said.

"I'm going to work another at least a month, a month a half," Celak said.

So he'll make the summer stretch, no matter what the calendar says.

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