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New Yorkers Celebrate Star Wars Day With Lightsaber Battle At Washington Square Park

by Evan Bindelglass

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) - Not long from now in a park not that far away, New Yorkers will celebrate the epic science fiction saga "Star Wars" with a lightsaber battle.

Today is Star Wars Day, but not because of an anniversary of any of the movies being released, or George Lucas's birthday (which is the 14th if you're sending a card).

It's simply a play on words. Say the following out loud and you should get it: "May the fourth be with you."

At 7 p.m., the New York Jedi  - -no really, call Coruscant and they'll tell you this is a legitimate chapter; intergalactic long distance charges apply -- will gather in Washington Square Park to celebrate the day with a lightsaber battle.

So, if you have a Jedi robe, Darth Vader helmet, or even Princess Leia curls, suit up and beam on down. Wait. There's no beaming. This isn't "Star Trek."

The New York Jedi actually hold lightsaber classes and you can find more information on their website -

Now, if you were lucky enough to be riding a 6 train about two years ago, you were treated to a rolling performance of the first film's opening sequence, courtesy of Improv Everywhere.

In case you missed that, here it is:

Star Wars Subway Car - Movies In Real Life by Improv Everywhere on YouTube

Of course, this piece wouldn't be complete without the great Bill Murray stepping up to the microphone with his legendary rendition of John Williams's magnificent "Star Wars" theme.

Bill Murray - Star Wars Theme by meatwad000 on YouTube

What's your favorite Star Wars film, character, or sequence? Please sound off in the comments section below. Also, if you know of any other Star Wars Day celebrations, please let us know.

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