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Subway Series sadness: Mets, Yankees fans' World Series dreams looking less likely

NEW YORK -- Mets and Yankees fans have both been dreaming of meeting in the World Series, but a Subway Series for the fall classic is now looking less likely.

Baseball's stretch run will be exciting for the Mets and Yankees. As CBS2's Steve Overmyer reports, both teams have enjoyed great success this year, which is what makes their recent woes so agonizing.

For nearly the entire season, the Mets and Yankees have been on top of their divisions, but not anymore. The Mets' lead in the division evaporated.

"Our guys are frustrated right now 'cause they know they're capable of better," Mets manager Buck Showalter said.

That has fans infuriated, some expressing their frustrations on Twitter. One person tweeted, "Death, taxes, and the Mets blowing division leads late in the season..."

But this was less about the Mets' struggles and more about the team behind them.

Since June 1, the Mets' winning percentage has been .600, the fourth best in baseball, but the Braves have been a ridiculous .721. Over a full season, that would be the greatest season of all time, which, by the way, is record earlier this year the Yankees were threatening.

Yankees fans recognize just how tough it is to be projected to break the all-time wins record to then being on the verge of losing the division. They've watched a 10-game lead fall to just four-and-a-half in the past two weeks alone.

"That's an embarrassing loss. That's, you know, hopefully one of those rock-bottom situations where you should be ... embarrassed, and we've set a better standard," Yankees manager Aaron Boone said.

A standard being met by Aaron Judge, who is on pace to break one of the most iconic Yankees records of 61 homers set by Roger Maris, adding a measure of sweet to the bitterness of the offense.

Meanwhile bad news for the Mets -- ace Max Scherzer will be heading for the injured list. The Mets say it's only for days, not weeks.

We hope so, or fans' dreams of a Subway Series could be halted by signal problems.

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