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'I'm Very Frustrated:' Queens Residents Say Mail's Been MIA Since Last Week's Snowstorm

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Frustrated residents in Queens say they haven't received any letters, packages, or medicine for over a week.

Rob Fahn was elated to finally find mail in his Rockaway Park mailbox on Wednesday, after not getting any since before last week's snowstorm.

"I'm waiting for all the bills that I get so I can pay them on time, but more importantly some medications, some cholesterol, and blood pressure stuff," he told CBS2's Hazel Sanchez.

Fahn's desperately needed medications were still missing, and countless residents in the Rockaways say the carriers in their neighborhood haven't shown up at their homes since snow crippled the roadways last Thursday.

"The roads were clear Saturday, the roads were clear Friday," Fahn said.

Liz Geraghty says says Beach 119th Street and the driveway outside her home were safely passable by Monday. Her mail didn't get delivered until Wednesday afternoon, and she didn't receive a week's worth of some critical paperwork she'd been expecting.

"I'm very frustrated," she said. "Angry because of the fact I'm waiting for stuff in the mail."

CBS2 asked a local mail carrier why some residential deliveries were skipped Monday and Tuesday. The carrier's response was less than informative.

Meanwhile, the United States Postal Service says the service disruption was a safety issue. A spokesperson said "many roads, side roads and sidewalks were impassable and we adjusted operations accordingly."

"We know we did have some pockets of delivery service issues and postal officials are working hard to resolve these," the spokesperson continued. Residents say that's just not good enough.

The USPS says the expected warm up will help get them back on track, but they'll hold onto the mail until it's safe if the melted snow freezes over and causes icy conditions.

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