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Gotham Gossipist: The Jersey Shore Is Back On Track For New Season

By Kimberly Rae Miller

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- It may be time to accept the fact that the cast of MTV's 'Jersey Shore' are the spray tanned equivalent to the Energizer Bunny.

Not only has the majority of the cast secured spinoffs for the coming year, they just arrived back on the shore to tape another season of cohabitation-filled wonderment together.

If you thought Italy was entertaining, the show's 6th Season - the season that shall forever more be referred to as the summer of Snooki's withdrawal - will include a sober The Situation, and a pregnant (and hopefully sober) Snooki.

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Don't expect too much partying from your favorite gnome-esque diva. According to TMZ, Snooki won't be sharing the beach house with the rest of the Juice Heads. She has instead opted to live alone in a nearby apartment while she gestates.

Or, perhaps she's hiding from Katie Couric. is reporting that Couric took a less than fair blow at the Snookster when questioned recently about her upcoming talk show, "Katie."  During a press conference Couric said that Snooki is  "cute and everything," but, "It's funny people find her interesting."

According to friends of the pint-sized mother-to-be, it wasn't that long ago that Couric was one of those people that found her so interesting. They claimed that when Snooki was at ABC a few months ago, Katie "was practically stalking her . . . Katie said, 'We need to take a picture, you have to follow me on Twitter.' Everyone was like, 'Who knew Katie was such a fan?'"

A damage control representative for Couric pounced on this minor incident, stating that Couric would love to see Snooki on her sound stage "If the right opportunity comes up."

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