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Francesa Denounces Jets Acquisition Of Tebow

NEW YORK (WFAN) – WFAN's Mike Francesa ripped into the New York Jets after they completed a deal to acquire marketing sensation and former Denver Broncos' quarterback Tim Tebow.

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Gang Green acquired Tebow for 4th and 6th round picks in this year's NFL Draft and received a 7th round pick in return from the Broncos.

The move places tremendous pressure on starting quarterback Mark Sanchez.  Sanchez signed a long-term deal after the Jets chased in vain after Peyton Manning who had no interest in joining Gang Green.

Now, the Jets went after the next big marketing opportunity that came their way in Tim Tebow.

Francesa criticized the Jets for making the move for non-football reasons,  selling jerseys and selling seats.

"Will they sell tickets?  Yes.  There are people who will show up so they can go scream for Tebow to get in the game.  He will sell you tickets, he will not win you games," Francesa said on Monday's show.

Francesa continued to rip the team over the move which he considers to be about "buzz and sizzle" and not about winning football games.

"What Tebow will do is, he will create a buzz.  There's no question.  The thing the Jets can't deal with is losing sponsors to the Giants, losing suite owners to the Giants and they can't stand having empty seats.  They want to take care of all that, then they'll worry about the football,"  he stated.

Francesa continued, "Tim Tebow is probably the hardest guy in history to try to build an offense around and win consistently in the NFL.  It's almost impossible to do.  That's how bad his throwing arm is."

Tebow completed 46.5% of his passes in the regular season.  His percentage fell to 40.4% in the postseason.

Mike declared that the Jets jealousy over the Giants' success as a big reason why they acquired Tebow.

"On the field, they are a three-ring circus that just can't deal with the fact that they're in a town with a better organization, with a better ownership, better coaching and a better organization that knows how to win the right way.  (The Giants) lose right and win right," Francesa stated.

Francesa pointed to locker room issues arising following Tebow's arrival and called the Jets "dysfunctional" repeatedly during his rant.

He explained, "Do you think Tim Tebow is going to straighten out the Jet locker room?  Do you think guys like Holmes and Cromartie are going to pay attention to Tim Tebow?"

A locker room split would seem likely as Tebow is a polarizing figure and many Jets will continue to back Sanchez.

Do you agree with Mike that the Tim Tebow trade is more about marketing reasons over football reasons?   Share your take below...

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