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EXCLUSIVE: Want To Live Near Top Of NYC Skyline? Only Costs You $60,000 A Month

NEW YORK (CBS 2) -- Now you can live atop a gleaming, 76-story art sculpture, but it doesn't come cheap.

In a CBS 2 television exclusive, reporter Dave Carlin was granted a first look inside the penthouses of Manhattan's tallest and swankiest residential tower.

It is a billowing and rippling instant classic. Visitors love to gaze at the iconic "New York by Gehry" stainless steel building at 8 Spruce St.

"It would be cool to see it," said Elyse Kaire, a tourist from Dallas.

Sixteen months after opening it is now ready for its most exclusive tenants yet – the ones who will live in the penthouse.

Susi Yu of Forest City Ratner Companies was Carlin's tour guide.

"It's all about the view. It's all about being able to see the incredible Manhattan skyline 850 feet up in the air," Yu said.

Carlin feasted his eyes on the Empire State Building, the Woolworth building, Statue of Liberty, and watched One World Trade come to life, way up higher than the helicopters.

Architect Frank Gehry, 83, is a legend in the field. He is responsible for the gleaming, wave-like structure of this tower, but he also had his stamps of approval of the interior elements, right down to the doorknobs.

"He had incredible attention to detail," Yu said.

Gehry is the man who made curvaceous buildings, including the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles and the Guggenheim Museum in Spain.

Here, classic elegance inside stands in sharp contrast to the sense of fun and shock of the outside. The four-bedroom unit includes state-of-the-art everything, even a self-contained studio.

"Asking rent for this apartment is $60,000 a month," Yu said.

Once back in the real world, Carlin vowed "I'll be back!" Yeah, in his dreams.

The luxury skyscraper has one surprising amenity: rent-stabilization. The high-rent units will stay that way for 20 years.

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