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Coronavirus Update: ER Doctor, Celebrities Spread The 'Stay Home' Message

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- As the coronavirus spreads more rapidly in New York, healthcare workers are pleading with people to just stay home.

One emergency room doctor came up with a creative way to get his message out.

Chris Hahn is an MC, and an M.D.

The EMC - Let's Talk about Tests by The EMC on YouTube

Hahn's day job is an emergency room doctor at Mount Sinai.

"The volume of COVID patients with pneumonia and other complications is already picking up. And we anticipate that that is going to continue," Hahn told CBS2's Nick Caloway.

Medical workers are on the front lines of the war against coronavirus.

CORONAVIRUS: NY Health Dept. | NY Call 1-(888)-364-3065 | NYC Health Dept. | NYC Call 311, Text COVID to 692692 | NJ COVID-19 Info Hub | NJ Call 1-(800)-222-1222 or 211, Text NJCOVID to 898211 | CT Health Dept. | CT Call 211

In his song, Hahn raps "We're limited by limited supplies, imminent threat to people's lives, these decisions are real."

In this time of crisis, Hahn turned to music to get his message out to the world.

"Flu, cold, fever, cough or runny nose, don't expose your community, folks with no immunity. That's how you could lead to more funerals and eulogies," Hahn raps.

Hahn says most people who get coronavirus don't need to go to the hospital and don't need to be tested.

"I repeat, if you have symptoms, just assume that you have it. Whether you're tested or not, it won't change how you're managed. And I think that's the key. The fact that the test isn't necessarily going to change anything that we do from a medical standpoint for you, if you're positive or negative. We are still going to advise the same thing: That you go home, take care of yourself, and keep other people safe, too," Hahn said.


Hahn isn't the only person pleading with people to stay home. A slew of celebrities have joined that effort.

"We need to stop the spread of this virus and we can only do it together," actor Robert De Niro said in a public service announcement.

"We really have to all stay home," said Ben Stiller in a similar PSA.

Hospitals are filling up fast, and running out of supplies even faster.

"I mean this is going to require a Herculean effort. This is by far the most socially disruptive thing in my lifetime, and probably since World War II," Hahn said.

He says there's one thing you can do to help win this war.

"But for now isolate on your home quarantine," Hahn raps.


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