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Celebrating 20 years of Chris Wragge at CBS New York

Chris Wragge celebrates 20 years with CBS New York
Chris Wragge celebrates 20 years with CBS New York 07:49

NEW YORK - If you can believe it, we're marking 20 years of our own Chris Wragge here at CBS New York. 

He's covered every major story in the Tri-State Area during that time. 

So what sticks out?

"The good and bad that stay with me, obviously, [Flight] 1549, seeing that plane on the Hudson, was incredible. Newtown was obviously something that I'll never forget, being on the anchor desk when that happened. We were on the anchor desk when Michael Jackson died, and we were on live coverage with that," Wragge said. "But I would say, seeing the rebuilding of Ground Zero, and having an opportunity to be with a lot of the union guys and the steelworkers as they were going up story by story over the years down there was pretty incredible. To see those views, and to see all the work that was done down at Ground Zero, and just the pride that everybody took in being down there and seeing the whole Lower Manhattan revitalized like that. I would say that's something I will always remember." 

Wragge expressed thanks to his colleagues and viewers for his 20 year run. 

"Thank you for everything. They say if you love your work, you never work a day in your life," Wragge said. "I have been blessed. My three partners in crime here in my 20 years - Kristine Johnson, Dana Tyler, Mary Calvi. I mean, you talk about Murderers' Row right there... . And to the viewers as well, could not do it without you. Thank you so much." 

Wragge got a special shoutout from the anchors of CBS Mornings, who gave him a round of applause. 

"Very happy for you. This is quite an anniversary," Gayle King said. 

"Congratulations Chris," Nate Burleson said. "Thank you for your work over the last couple of decades." 

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