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Border War: Which State Truly Owns The Jets?

NEW YORK (CBS 2) -- The "Empire State" or the "Garden State?"

That's the question CBS 2's Sean Hennessey tried to get answered Tuesday night when he asked local residents and politicians their thoughts on who truly owns the rights to the New York Jets.

The region may be celebrating the Jets' success but that doesn't mean everyone is embracing their geographical identity.

"Giants Stadium is in East Rutherford and you know as far as I'm concerned they're a Jersey team," said Jason Cirelli of Hoboken?

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Everything from the team name to the memorabilia says the New York Jets, yet one could argue the team should be called the New Jersey Jets and that Jets hats should be changed from an NY to an NJ, given the team does just about everything in the Garden State.

"Today when they're practicing, where are they practicing? New Jersey. And when they play their homes games, where do they play? New Jersey. And where do most of their players live? In New Jersey," Gov. Chris Christie said.

Yet the city with the bright lights of Broadway gets the name recognition.

"There's no room in the city for a stadium," said Veronica Garcia of Bay Ridge, adding the Jets play on the other side of the bridge by necessity, not by choice.

"It's right by the river. It's close to New York. It's going to be a New York team," added Adrian Allen of the Bronx.

Up until 1983, the Jets played in Queens at Shea Stadium. They then packed their bags for New Jersey -- 27 years ago.

When asked if it's finally time to change the name, Kerry Dowling of Brooklyn said, "No. No. New York Jets."

Added Desmond Spillane of Queens: "They're still the New York Jets. No doubt."

While New Yorkers continue to hammer home ownership, some in Jersey said the name is off target.

"New York wants to take all our glory. It's just wrong," said Lauren Kolski of Clark.

It's a claim to a name that's part of provincial pride.

"It's the New York Jets and that's how the Jets want it. That's how the country wants it and New York is New York. Sorry Jersey," Sen. Charles Schumer said.

"New York is the name. It's a brand. The whole country knows it. New York is where everything happens," added Mike Dimasi of Hoboken.

Except for where a team that's knocking on the door of the Super Bowl actually plays it's games.

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