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Beer Intern Wanted: Natty Light Will Pay You To Drink Beer

(KDKA/CBS Local) -- Dust off those resumes, if you want to get paid to drink beer on the job, here's your chance!

Natural Light, or Natty Light, is looking for a Natty Intern this summer, who will literally get paid to drink beer.

Even better, according to "Dean" the Natty Light brand manger, you don't have to have 4.0 GPA or great references.

"We're looking for a well-rounded, fun human being, who knows how to get things done," Dean says in their YouTube video.

Summer Intern Recruitment Video by Natural Light on YouTube

Leon also says that the Natty Intern will have actual responsibilities like attending sporting events and traveling to cool places.

Of course you have to be at least 21 years old.

But don't forget, it's an eight-week paid internship!

Want to learn more about the internship or apply? Click here.

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