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5 Beauty Tips For Keeping Skin And Hair Healthy This Summer

Guerlain Spa
(credit: Guerlain Spa)

Does the idea of chapped lips, sunburned skin, and brittle hair make you want to stay indoors this summer? Don't worry, here are five remedies to help you combat those skin and scalp irritations that occur in the warmer summer months. By Carly Petrone.

Brittle Hair & Dry Scalp

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You may notice that your hair becomes dry and brittle in the warmer summer months. Luckily, there's an answer to this problem without having to add a bunch of greasy conditioners to your scalp. Albert Cruz, Spa Manager at Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino's Eforea Spa, recommends an egg white mixture. Yep, all you have to do is whip an egg white thoroughly with two tablespoons of lukewarm water. Then, apply the mixture to damp hair and scalp and massage with your fingertips in a circular motion for 15 minutes. Finally, shampoo your hair with cool water. If you do this once or twice a week, you'll notice a big difference.

Chapped Lips & Sunburned Face

A participant holds up teabags at the Sl

There's nothing worse than dealing with chapped lips and the all-encompassing sunburn. The trick to a great at-home remedy? Chamomile tea. The chamomile tea tannins offer anti-inflammatory properties that relieve the sense of burn. Cesar Sanchez, Spa Manager of Costa Rica Marriot Hotel San Jose, suggests filling up a spray bottle with cold tea and spraying it directly on the skin. If you have sensitive eyes or lips, use teabags to softly press against the irritated surface. You'll feel calmer within minutes.


(credit: Naturopathica)

Now you can create an anti-inflammatory face mist at home. All you need is some dried Calendula flowers, oats, and water. The healing power of the Calendula reduces inflammation and soothes irritation, while the oats can help restore your skin's natural pH balance. Barbara Close, Founder at Naturopathica Chelsea Healing Arts Center & Spa, suggest using a French press to let the Calendula and oats steep for 10 minutes. Once cool, pour into a spray bottle and spritz face liberally for soft and hydrated skin. Stop in for their Bio-Energy Lift Facial Treatment, which uses a combination of liquid microdermabrasion technology with advanced skincare formulas to re-energize and re-mineralize the skin.

Perspiration & Body Acne

Guerlain Spa
(credit: Guerlain Spa)

For those of you who love getting facials, you'll be happy to know that the folks over at The Guerlain Spa have the answer to keeping your skin from aging, perspiring, and breaking out. Lead esthetician Alina Cimpoeru recommends using an oil-free moisturizer during the hotter months because the skin's natural oil combined with oil-free moisturizer is enough to keep skin well-hydrated. Another plus? This trick will also help prevent skin from looking overly shiny in the summer. Stop in for their deep cleansing Orchidee Imperiale "Cure" Facial, which leaves the skin feeling fresh and radiant.

Dehydrated & Flaky Skin

Sheraton PR
(credit: Sheraton Puerto Rico)

The best way to combat dry and flaky skin? Thermotherapy. After getting out of the shower, use a hydrating serum for the face and neck. Then soak a towel in warm water, cover, and rest the face for five minutes. Finally, apply hydrating lotion and soak a face towel in iced water. Cover and rest for five minutes. Your skin will feel hydrated, tighter, and firmer, according to Michelle Arce, Marketing Director at Zen Spa Retreat located at the Sheraton Puerto Rico Hotel & Casino. Guests at this tropical retreat can enjoy the Deep Skin Hydrating Booster Treatment, which uses a combination of peeling, ionization, and thermotherapy of marine collagen and hyaluronic acid to instantly plump skin cells with extra moisture, restore smoothness, and enhance skin's suppleness.

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Carly Petrone is a freelance writer living in New York City.

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