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The best Google Pixel 8 Pro cases in 2024 keep your new smartphone looking fresh

Woman with Google Pixel phone case

Have a Google Pixel 8 Pro or planning to get one? Be sure you throw a case on that new smartphone. Today's phone cases come with shock-absorbing rubber edges, gorgeous leather accents and pristine clear designs to showcase your phone in all its glory.

Just like you'd keep your tablet in a case to protect it from accidental falls and spills, you should make sure that your new phone won't be damaged by unexpected jostling either. That's where we come in.

We've curated some of the best Google Pixel 8 Pro cases available in 2024. Protecting your phone has never been easier, because they're all up for grabs right now. First, make sure you keep your device from harm, and then don't forget to buy a charger or a smartwatch to go along with it. 

Best Google Pixel 8 Pro phone cases in 2024

Best overall Google Pixel 8 Pro case: OtterBox Defender Series case

OtterBox Defender Series case

The OtterBox Defender Series is our overall pick for anyone looking to keep their Google Pixel 8 Pro safe from harm. It also addresses a number of other practical needs. it serves up all the protection you need against drops, bumps and scratches so your phone stays in pristine condition. 

It even comes with a clip that lets you holster your phone on your bag. It even works as a kickstand, so you've got hands-free viewing at home or on the go. This is one rugged option that you'll be glad you went for the first time you drop your phone, so go ahead and splurge. You'll appreciate it later. 

Best clear Google Pixel 8 Pro case: Spigen Ultra Hybrid Crystal clear case

Spigen Clear Google Pixel 8 Pro

Crafted from polycarbonate (PC) and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), this case may be clear, but it's also super durable and flexible. It even offers military-grade drop protection to make sure your phone is safe from any accidental impact or drops  that might befall it. 

You won't have to worry about it yellowing, either. It's infused with blue resin to make sure it keeps its crystal-clear appearance as long as possible. It's also designed with raised edges, which means extra protection for the screen and camera by keeping them both elevated from flat surfaces, reducing the risk of scratches and damage. If you'll excuse our pun, it's the clear choice for a Google Pixel 8 Pro case.

Best silicone Google Pixel 8 Pro case: Google Pixel 8 Pro Silicone case

Google Pixel 8 Pro Silicone

What better manufacturer than Google to make a great case for your phone? The Google Pixel 8 Pro Case is custom made to provide great protection and style for your Pixel 8 Pro, especially if you're looking for a silicone case. It comes in several different colors if you like to personalize your look, but of course the most important thing is how much it can protect your phone - and it does a great job at that.

Constructed from stain-resistant, microfiber-lined silicone, the case offers a comfortable grip while being durable enough to withstand your everyday uses. I's been drop-tested for hundreds of hours, so you can trust it to keep your phone safe. And it's also sustainable, made from 42% recycled polycarbonate and silicone. If you want a soft yet functional smartphone case, this is one to keep an eye out for. 

Best thin Google Pixel 8 Pro case: Totallee Thin case

Totallee Thin Case

Want a minimalist, lightweight option that won't add bulk to your phone? This case is designed to give you reliable protection without covering up the beauty of your brand new phone. You can barely feel it when it's on there!

This case's slim design ensures that your phone stays light and and pocket-friendly. It comes in several colors and it strikes a great balance between maintaining the original look of your Pixel 8 Pro and giving you that extra protective layer. 

Overall, this case is a strong option for anyone who wants a discreet, high-quality case that won't overstay its welcome. 

Best leather Google Pixel 8 Pro case: Bellroy leather case

Bellroy leather case

This eco-tanned leather case is a deluxe, thin case that wraps around your phone from edge to edge, so it feels soft and luxurious while still durable.

Bellroy has stripped away any unnecessary bulk, leaving a slim, sleek silhouette that keeps your pocket light and your phone easy to handle. It's all about combining style with functionality, ensuring your Pixel 8 Pro looks and feels its best.

If you want a case crafted from refined and premium materials, the Bellroy is a standout option that you shouldn't pass up, especially if you love the simplicity of leather. 

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