This Morning from CBS News, Feb. 3, 2015

FedEx delivery man pulls cart loaded with packages along snowy street in Times Square in New York on February 2, 2015


Winter's fury

Forecasters from Philadelphia to Portland, Maine have warned that "flash freezing" could make roads dangerously slippery a day after snow fell on much of the East Coast. Coupled with last week's storm, Boston has now seen more than 34 inches of snow in 7 days, making it the city's snowiest week since records have been kept, reports CBS News correspondent Michelle Miller.

Defeating ISIS

In Al Muqdadiyah, Iraq, they're celebrating victory over ISIS. But the soldiers are not part of Iraq's National Army. Instead, they're volunteers with a Shiite Muslim militia known as the Badr Brigade. The U.S. spent $20 billion training and arming the Iraqi army. Now, reports CBS News correspondent Holly Williams, many of its weapons are in the hands of these unchecked militiamen. But with the Iraqi army in disarray, they have the best track record of defeating ISIS in central Iraq.

Insurance fraud and social media

There's a powerful new strategy for insurance investigators: social media. The investigators routinely monitor sites looking for evidence of fraud. CBS News correspondent Chip Reid reports on how the cyber world is exposing scammers, only on "CBS This Morning."


Pennsylvania's Bryn Mawr College is apologizing after sending e-mails targeting students identified as overweight. The messages that invited them to join a program to shed pounds were sent with the intention of raising awareness but, reports CBS News contributor Dr. Holly Phillips, the idea backfired and the liberal arts college is now accused of "fat-shaming."

Christie's campaign

N.J. Gov. Chris Christie is admired by many for his willingness to flout his naysayers and tell his hecklers to shut up. But that brashness can also land him in hot water: It has been difficult for Christie to cast off suspicion that he was behind a plot to close lanes on the George Washington Bridge in an apparent act of political retaliation against the Democratic mayor of Fort Lee, New Jersey - a scandal known by the shorthand "Bridgegate." Christie's national ambitions have been apparent for some time.

Gas windfall

Although consumers have gotten a windfall estimated at about $1,000 over the past year thanks to the 40 percent drop in gasoline prices, they're keeping a tight grip on their good fortunes. Saving more may be a prudent action because many Americans, having only recently emerged from the worst economic slowdown since the Great Depression, are worried about getting burned again by living beyond their means.

Closed fund

Jay and Gerri accepted GM's compensation offer in November, under a plan administered by Ken Feinberg. He told CBS News correspondent Jeff Glor no family has turned down the automaker's offers. GM set aside $400 million for the fund. Glor says Feinberg has received more than 4,000 claims for deaths or injuries, and while hundreds remain under review, no additional claims will be accepted. Senators Ed Markey and Richard Blumenthal have called on GM to reconsider closing the fund, since over a third of the vehicles are still not fixed.

Google space race

Google has partnered with the XPrize Foundation to create a competition, the Google Lunar XPrize. It's a $30 million purse of prizes incentivizing international teams to race for the moon. The first team to safely place a lunar lander on the surface, cover 500 meters of territory with a rover or some other device and stream back high-definition footage will take home a whopping $20 million. Join us as we introduce the Google Lunar XPrize Milestone Teams.

Costner on race

Kevin Costner isn't shying away from race. He confronts the sometimes dicey and uncomfortable topic in his new movie, "Black or White." It's something that's had impact on him since childhood. Costner opens up to "CBS This Morning" co-host Gayle King in a candid conversation about race, family and rock 'n' roll.

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