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This Morning from CBS News, Dec. 25, 2015

Up In Arms
Immigration raids by federal agents, which could begin as early as next month, are expected to target hundreds of families ordered out of the U.S. after they'd fled from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. Advocates are assailing the Obama administration's decision.

Two Sides
Ted Cruz may have alienated many of his Senate colleagues. But as it turns out, Republican voters seem to like the Texas conservative -- a lot.

Road Ahead
From the Volkswagen emissions scandal to killer air bags, it's been a tumultuous year for the auto industry. We spotlight some of the new models, technologies and other major developments headed our way next year.

Taking A Stand
In a first for a pro sports league, NBA players including stars Carmelo Anthony and Stephen Curry are speaking out against gun violence, in a powerful ad.

Wise Flying
Regulators, retailers and hobbyists are scrambling to adjust to the ever-more-crowded skies as sales of drones skyrocket. Here are some common sense safety guidelines that should be part of every drone owner's flight plan.

Not Too Late
There's still time to make a charitable donation this year and claim a tax deduction for 2015 -- if you follow the rules. Here's what you need to know.

Remarkable Year
2015 saw Pope Francis becoming a major player on global stage, traveling to 11 countries including the U.S., and showing why he's been dubbed the "People's Pope."

The Best Gift
U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy is urging families gathered for the holiday to take the opportunity to talk about their health history. That can lead to smarter decisions about health screenings and other preventive measures to pursue.

Family Ties
Family holiday gatherings can be "physical, emotional, and financial stress tests," says Dr. Amit Sood, of the Mayo Clinic. He and other experts offer some advice to help you recapture the spirit of the season.

Oldies But Still Goodies
From the Slinky to Lincoln Logs, these were the hot toys boomers just had to have -- and for some shoppers -- they still are.

New Avenues
Whether you're ready to cut the cord on cable or just want to add to your viewing options, here are some of the top choices among TV streaming devices.
What to download and watch on your new TV streaming device

Holiday Treats
Here's a look at some of CBSN's special offerings for the holiday weekend.

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