Classic toys still a must-have at Christmas time

LOS ANGELES -- We are continuing to chart major changes in the way people conduct their holiday shopping. This year, nearly half -- 46 percent -- is expected to be done online. But we have discovered, in some ways, what's old is new again.

From the Slinky to Lincoln Logs, these were the hot toys the boomers just had to have. And for some shoppers, like Julie Berke, classic toys are still a must-have at Christmas time.

"It's a great nostalgic feeling, it's something that we want our child to be able to have," she said.

But it's the procrastinators at the crowded Westfield Topanga Mall in Los Angeles that are doing the real bonding, over long lines and packed parking lots.

For Malika Meads and her son, hitting the mall early on December 24, is their version of smart shopping.

"I don't want to take a chance with it not getting here by December 24," Meads said.

According to Gallop Poll, shoppers are spending $830 this holiday season. Over a $100 more than last year.

In 2008, when the economy tanked, sales dropped 5 percent below average.

In 2015, they're expected to climb at least 5 percent above average.

"There will be something in here whether you're 8 or 80 that will punch that button," said Dave Levy of Big Kid Collectibles.

Dave Levy of Big Kid Collectibles. CBS News

Tastes have changed, but Levy, who sells classic toys, knows one holiday tradition that never goes out of style is the trip down memory lane.

"We're so overwhelmed that when a kid comes in here and sees an Etch-a-Sketch or a Simon-- which is really not that technically ingenious compared to what they're doing now, it fascinates them," Levy said

So whether you're searching for this year's hottest toy, the hover board, or you're in the mood for a nostalgic trip back to your childhood, take solace in knowing you're not alone.

  • Mireya Villarreal

    Mireya Villarreal is a CBS News correspondent.