9 things homeowners can expect in 2016

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    Wouldn't life be easier if you had a crystal ball that could predict what will happen to your home in 2016?

    Most Americans -- at least the 63.7 percent of households the U.S. Census Bureau says are homeowners -- would probably love a little advance warning.

    You could move the priceless family photo albums out of the basement before it floods, cut down the tree in the backyard before a storm knocks it onto your roof or adjust your budget for whatever major repairs are going to pop up.

    Unfortunately, no one can actually predict the future. However, homeowners can do some things to prepare themselves, based on the state of the economy, past housing trends and anticipated demand.

    Whether you're looking to refinance your mortgage next year or you just want to know how much your utility bills might cost, here are nine things homeowners can expect in 2016.

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