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This Morning from CBS News, Dec. 18, 2015

San Bernardino

As President Obama prepares to visit families of the victims of the San Bernardino massacre, new information is coming out about the man who bought the rifles used in the attack. Authorities now believe Enrique Marquez was also a would-be terrorist.

Battle lines

Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are locked in a battle to become the alternative to Donald Trump in the 2016 Republican presidential race, and immigration has become a front line. Cruz is telling voters that Rubio is an amnesty-loving moderate, while Rubio tries to convince people they're being deceived.

Car seat safety

Car seats can save children's lives -- but only if parents use them properly. A new study finds a large majority of moms and dads make mistakes in car seat installation -- or in positioning their children in them -- when taking their newborns home from the hospital.

Cancer in pets

Owners of animals stricken with cancer can face tough financial choices, with treatments running into the many thousands of dollars. Some animals -- and some breeds -- are more susceptible than others. The good news is that new therapies are helping pets beat the disease.

"Star Wars"

The seventh installment of the "Star Wars" franchise, "The Force Awakens," is out. Overnight, thousands of fans lined up for screenings at theaters across the country. It is the first "Star Wars" film to hit theaters in a decade and will play on a reported 4,000 screens nationwide this weekend.


If you're a concert lover who wants to be "Rolling in the Deep" with Adele next year, you might need to be a high roller with deep pockets willing to pay scalpers' prices. Thousands of fans spent hours online trying to get tickets to her first North American tour in five years, and many were left empty-handed.

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