How to block spoilers for "Star Wars: The Force Awakens"

So you couldn't snag a coveted ticket to opening night of the new Star Wars movie, "The Force Awakens." Although you probably can't use the Force to block people from spilling spoilers online, the Internet offers a number of tools to help you protect yourself.

Chrome Extensions

Add the Force Block Chrome extension to Google Chrome. The extension uses smart pattern recognition to block pages containing any spoilers. The extension also includes a number of instant-blocking key phrases provided by people who have seen the film in early screenings. "One of our engineers took one for the team punching those in! Ironic, he could save others from spoilers... but not himself," the website states. The extension also includes a whitelist for false alarms.

Facebook Filters

Facebook Filter Feed is another Chrome extension that allows users to input keywords to prevent any posts containing words like Star Wars, Han Solo, Leia, or Chewbacca from appearing in your News Feed.

Note: The extension only works on the Google Chrome desktop browser, so beware when going on Facebook with your smartphone.


TweetDeck can be used to filter spoilers on Twitter. From the settings option you can "Mute" users, websites and words from appearing on your Twitter page. This solution is also only available on desktop.

Reddit Ban

Reddit began banning users who are purposefully spoiling the film for people, leaking movie plot points in threads or PMing information about the movie to some known Star Wars fans. Moderators for the site are are working overtime to take down any spoilers on the site.

"We've banned dozens of users so far for this," TheGreatZiegfeld posted on Reddit. "I think all the mods have had it spoiled for them by now. We'll do our best to make sure you guys don't suffer the same fate."

When you're done blocking spoilers on your computer, sit back and revel in the trailer until your time comes to see the film. Nothing will stand in your way. You will finish what you started.

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