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This Morning from CBS News, Aug. 17, 2016


Donald Trump has labelled Hillary Clinton a bigot and accused his Democratic rival of pandering to “communities of color.” The speech in Wisconsin was Trump’s most concerted campaign outreach to African-Americans to date, even if there were very few in attendance. With racial tensions high in the country, Trump aimed his pitch at African-Americans by honing his message of “law and order.”

Clinton’s emails

Just after Hillary Clinton asked her supporters not to get “complacent” despite her recent bump in the polls, a GOP-led House committee said the FBI had handed over documents related to their investigation into Clinton’s use of a private email server. Furious the FBI didn’t press charges against their political rival, House Republicans are hoping to find evidence of perjury in the interview notes.

Misjudged attack?

Donald Trump coined a new nickname for his Democratic opponent this week: “America’s Angela Merkel.” The implication is that Hillary Clinton’s refugee policy would create a crisis akin to Germany’s, which Trump says has doomed Merkel. But the comparison brought a certain amount of amusement in Berlin; the German leader remains more popular in her country than either Trump or Clinton in their own.

School supplies

Teachers in the U.S. have long reached into their own pockets to help cover the cost of school supplies. But that financial burden is getting heavier amid funding cuts around the country for public education. Art teacher Eva Siefert says her budget for supplies amounts to $1.60 per student -- for the whole year.

Seniors at work

Good news for Americans age 50 and above; the job outlook is “less bleak,” according to a study by the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College. But while there may be more jobs on offer, it still doesn’t look quite like those fabled “golden years.”

Bear hunt

Alberta, Canada is considering a ban on bear hunting after a graphic online video that has drawn outrage. It shows a hunter throwing a spear and striking a bear. He later celebrates when he discovers the bear is dead. See how the 26-year-old All-American javelin champion could face charges.

Olympic parents

Gymnast Aly Raisman earned silver at Tuesday’s floor exercise final in Rio, her sixth career Olympic medal. Raisman’s parents are a big part of the Games and are known for their tense expressions. They tell us why they watch their daughter’s every flip, jump and twist with nervous anticipation.

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