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The Non-Geek Guide to the National Broadband Network | BTalk Australia


(10min 57) What does all this talk about the National Broadband Network mean? Why is it being built without Telstra? Why is the government looking at the structural separation of Telstra? What is Fibre to the Node and Fibre of the Home? And what the hell are DSLAMs?

If you find it all a bit confusing you're not alone. In today's BTalk Australia Phil Dobbie tries to simplify how broadband is delivered and what' s happening to improve the speeds to your home.

You'll hear input from:
David Quilty - Telstra's Group MD for Public Policy and Communications
Senator Nick Minchin - Shadow Communications Minister
Barnaby Joyce - Queensland National's Senator
Steve Dalby - iiNet's Regulatory Director
Simon Hackett - MD of ISP Internode
Ravi Bhatia - CEO of Primus
Sol Trujillo - CEO of Telstra

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