Sunday: Sanders, Priebus, Axelrod, Fauci, and new 2016 polls


U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders addresses supporters at his campaign rally in Washington Square Park in the Greenwich Village neighborhood of New York City, April 13, 2016.

REUTERS/Brendan McDermid

It was another contentious week in the 2016 presidential race, as both parties prepare for next week's all-important New York primaries. This Sunday on "Face the Nation," we'll look ahead to next week's contest and take stock of the race more broadly.

We'll talk with Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who dished it out (and took quite a bit as well) during his debate with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Thursday night in Brooklyn. Sanders needs a big win in New York to shake up the race - can he pull it off?

We'll also interview Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus, who found himself in a spat with Republican frontrunner Donald Trump this week. The chairman is dismissing Trump's concerns about a "rigged" GOP primary process, but is he worried the back-and-forth is damaging the party?

We'll turn to CBS News Elections Director Anthony Salvanto for some fresh polling data on both parties in New York and some Republican numbers out of Pennsylvania. Plus, Salvanto will give us an early look at the race in both parties in California, which votes in June and could play a pivotal role in determining the nominees.

For an expert look at the Democratic race, we'll talk with David Axelrod, a former senior advisor to President Obama and a senior political commentator at CNN. What does he make of the increasingly negative tone of the Democratic primary? And what does he see as the endgame for his party as the primary calendar draws to a close?

Turning from politics to public health, we'll talk with Dr. Anthony Fauci of the National Institutes of Health about the Zika virus. How big a problem could public officials have on their hands? And how is the government responding to it?

Finally, to help us break down the busy news week, we'll turn to an expert political panel, including National Journal's Ron Fournier, author of "Love That Boy," USA Today's Susan Page, Clarence Page of the Chicago Tribune, and Amy Davidson of the New Yorker.

It's going to be an exciting broadcast, so make sure you tune in on Sunday! Check your local listings for airtimes.