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How to block Trump, Clinton from your social media feeds

With three months to go before election day, millions of people are already experiencing campaign fatigue online. If you wish you could surf the web or scroll through your Facebook feed without being bombarded by political posts -- there's an app for that. Several, in fact.

For Google Chrome users, a number of different apps promise to filter out references to Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump from your online experience.

If you search "Trump blocker" and "Clinton blocker" in the Chrome Web Store, three options pop up for each. One is a general keyword filter called "Kardashian Filter," which offers to let you "block any words which annoy you, including the Kardashians." Any of these blocking apps could help you make your internet browsing a little more apolitical between now and November 8.

Here's a look at some of the options:

Remove Donald Trump from Facebook

The "Remove Donald Trump from Facebook" blocker is exactly what it sounds like. The filter removes Facebook posts from your feed that contain a combination of the words "Donald" and "Trump."

"It won't remove all instances of Donald Trump on your feed, but it will take care of most of them," reads the app's description. "For instance, if only his first for last name is referenced, the post will still show. Or god forbid, only his picture. Yikes."

The app has mostly positive reviews, averaging 4.5 stars out of 5. One user writes that she hasn't seen "a Trump reference since installation" and that she is crossing her fingers that this trend continues.

The few negative reviews don't elaborate more on what's wrong other than stating the app "doesn't work."

Hillary Blocker

For Facebook and YouTube users who are tired of seeing content about the Democratic nominee for president, the "Hillary Blocker" may be for you.

There isn't much of a description other than that the app will "gently filter and remove" Hillary Clinton-related content from "webpages, Facebook, and YouTube." There's only a small handful of reviews.

Trump Filter

The "Trump Filter" is described as "part of the antidote for this toxic candidacy." The extension identifies parts of a webpage that will contain the words "Donald Trump," and will erase those parts for you.

Of course, nothing is perfect. One user points out, "Unfortunately, it kills my online Bridge playing. There is a Donald in our group. It effectively erases that other Trump, but even set on stun, it is too limiting."

Block the Bushes and Clintons

The "Hillary Filter & Jeb Filter: All in 1" extends beyond presidential candidates themselves and goes to remove references to their extended political families. Released by NetLingo, the same developer behind the "Hillary Blocker," this app promises to filter out and remove references to "Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, Jeb Bush, George W. Bush, and George H.W. Bush from all webpages and Facebook posts."

Trump Blocker

NetLingo also offers "Trump Blocker," which filters and removes "Donald Trump from webpages, Facebook, and Youtube." This time it doesn't say "gently."

A user named Daniel Silver says it compares favorably with the competition. "Definitely works better than Trump Filter," he wrote in his review. "Nice job!"

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