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Residents on the Mississippi River in Hastings prepare for flooding

Residents on the Mississippi River prepare for flooding
Residents on the Mississippi River prepare for flooding 02:03

HASTINGS, Minn. -- Cities at risk of major flooding this spring are hoping the snow continues to melt gradually. The latest flood outlook from the National Weather Service forecasts a more than 50% chance of major flooding in Hastings.

"Living on this river it's the greatest place to live, it really is," Hastings resident Steve Mollick said.

Steve Mollick has lived in his home on the Mississippi River since 1977. His low-lying home is prone to spring flooding, something he's experienced at least eight times.

"It's a lot of clean up when it comes into your house, it's a lot of work drying it out, it takes about all summer to get it back together but it's worth it," Mollick said.

Steve Mollick

Despite the risk of major flooding this year, Mollick said he's not too worried yet. It's something he has prepared for in the past many times.

"We pull everything out of the basement. the furnace, the hot water heater the washer and dryer and we put it all up in the garage," he said.

The water has never reached their main level, but it has been close.

"It was five feet in the basement," he said.

In past years, he's moved logs out of his yard and has had fish in his basement.

"I opened up the basement door and a barge came by and made a wake and in it went, so all spring until the flood waters went down, we had minnows down there," he said.

During the famous flood of 1965, the water flooded downtown Hastings where Ryan Johnson now owns a business.

"It just concerns me that there's so much snow up north that's still up there that's waiting to melt and come down the rivers and come down here," he said.

Whether it floods or not, Steve says it's just a way of life on the river.

"The city will come down and offer their help and we're prepared," he said.

The city says they have sandbags on standby and they're prepared for what's ahead.

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