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Panera Bread is giving away unlimited free drinks this fall: How to get the deal

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Want to enjoy unlimited iced and hot coffees, lemonades and fountain drinks this fall -- literally all you can drink? Then you'll want to check out this ice-cold deal from Panera Bread. Sign up for Panera's Unlimited Sip Club and you'll get two months of unlimited drinks for free.

Once you're signed up through MyPanera, you can redeem the offer in store, at and through the Panera app. Just add an eligible beverage and it'll be deducted at checkout. You can read the full list of included beverages below. Some reasonable limits apply: Unlimited Sip Club doesn't include frozen drinks or fancy crafted coffee beverages, and there's an upcharge if you want to add a shot of espresso or flavor syrup. Membership doesn't include bottled drinks, either.

This Panera offer is, essentially, a free trial of Unlimited Sip Club. You'll pay nothing if you cancel by the end of your first two months. If you want to remain a member of Unlimited Sip Club, your card will be charged $11.99 per month for unlimited drinks thereafter.

If you're thinking about taking advantage, click the button below and do so now.

Panera Unlimited Sip Club, $11.99/mo (first two months free)

Panera Unlimited Sip Club


An Unlimited Sip Club subscription lets you order the following drinks once every two hours, including unlimited refills: drip hot coffee, iced coffee, hot tea, fountain soda beverages, bubbler drinks (regular, sweet and passion papaya green iced teas and agave lemonade) and Charged Lemonade beverages (fuji apple cranberry, mango citrus yuzu and strawberry lemon mint). Milk, skim milk, almond milk, half and half, and sweetener additions are included in the subscription.

The subscription does not include bottled beverages, smoothies, frozen blended drinks, cold brew iced coffee or espresso and cappuccino beverages. Customizations such as added espresso and added syrups (Madagascar vanilla, bittersweet chocolate, cinnamon and caramel) are not included in the subscription monthly price. Upcharges apply.

Key features of Panera Unlimited Sip Club:

  • Membership is free for two months, and $11.99 per month thereafter.
  • Limited to one self-serve drink every two hours (refills included). Cold brew iced coffee, cappuccino and latte drinks are excluded.
  • Customizations are excluded (espresso shots, syrups), upcharges apply.

Panera Unlimited Sip Club, $11.99/mo (free through July 4)

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