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The best luggage for 2024


The new year is here, and that means it's time to start planning your 2024 travels and upgrade your luggage. We've found the best luggage in 2024, and much of it is on sale now. 

The CBS Essentials luggage experts scoured top brands, from Rimowa to Samsonite, and top retailers (not just Amazon!). We even hands-on tested some of the most popular models, all to find the best luggage -- and the best luggage deals that you can get right now. Discover customer-loved soft-sided luggage, carry-on luggage, aluminum luggage and more from top luggage brands below. 

Whether you're taking a red-eye on a strict budget, taking a trip to Disney, or splurging on a cruise and want high style, we have your luggage needs covered.

The best luggage for 2024 

There's no reason to delay shopping for the best luggage in 2024. Select one of the quick links below to explore our top picks for each luggage category or scroll through to find all of our favorite luggage options for 2024. 

What's better, polycarbonate hardshell or soft-sided luggage?

What's better, a polycarbonate hardshell suitcase or a soft-sided piece of luggage? While it all comes down to preference, suitcases made out of polycarbonate are generally more lightweight. As for the most durable suitcase material, aluminum tends to last the longest. It also happens to look quite chic, and manufacturers know it, so it often costs the most. Nylon, leather and other textiles are common for other types of carry-ons, including garment bags, weekenders, pet carriers and duffel bags. If you like to travel light or visit a lot of places during a single vacation, a grab-and-go textile bag may make the most sense.

Some of the top luggage brands for 2024 include Rimowa, Away, Samsonite, Monos, July, TravelPro, Paravel and more. But don't worry if you're on a budget. We've included other wallet-friendly options for those more comfortable with a lower price point.  As for the best time to buy luggage, there's good news. Unlike say, large appliances, which tend to have a set sales season, most major luggage brands run promos all year long, and Amazon regularly marks down popular pieces.

Checked luggage or carry-on?

When shopping for luggage, first consider your needs -- and let's be honest, your taste. If you are a business traveler, you probably need a well equipped carry-on with compartments for laptop and travel documents. If you're a frequent flyer, you should also think about investing in a full set for business travelers. Buy wisely, and your new luggage just might pay for itself. We've included some of the top rated luggage sets for business and family travelers

The best carry-on luggage of 2024

Not a fan of checking your luggage? We don't blame you. These carry-on options make travel all the more enjoyable, convenient, and maybe just a little more worry-free. 

Monos Carry-On 


The Monos Carry-On is available in a bunch of great colors and has features like an effortless, telescopic handle and lots of zippered pockets and compartments. It also has an easy-to-use lock. Monos boasts a 100-day trial period and lifetime warranty.  

Reviewers praise the suitcase for it's ease of use' "This case rolls so smoothly over many surfaces. The wheels are placed perfectly to keep balance, no annoying tipping over when packed. The handle raises and lowers with little effort. Even when in the full extended position it feels sturdy unlike some other cases I've tried."

Check out our Monos Carry-On review to see why CBS Essentials Staff Writer Kaylyn McKenna loves this carry-on.

Why we like the Monos Carry-On:

  • Monos carry-ons are made with aerospace-grade, water-resistant polycarbonate hard shells for enhanced durability.
  • The carry-on fits in the overhead bin on most airlines.
  • The 360-degree spinner wheels provide a smooth glide.
  • It's available in 12 colors. 

Away Carry-On


The Carry-On from Away features a removable, TSA-approved USB charger. The lightweight polycarbonate bags also feature 360-degree spinner wheels, water-resistant garment bags and two interior compartments -- one designed for shoes and toiletries and the other clothes. If you don't like it, return it within 100 days for a full refund.

Why we love Away's Carry-On:

  • The included, removable charger ensures you'll be able to recharge your phone on the go, even when you can't find an outlet.
  • The compression panel helps you get more clothes into this suitcase when packing.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty.

Paravel Aviator carry-on


Carbon-neutral, sustainable luggage brand Paravel offers some stylish luggage options. The Paravel Aviator is geared with frictionless, carbon-steel-bearing wheels with 360-degree movement and a telescopic handle for walking (or running) through the airport. Each bag is made from recycled materials and comes with vegan-leather-wrapped side handles and trim. 

Paravel states that this carry-on holds two to four days worth of clothes and one to two pairs of shoes, making it ideal for long weekend trips.

"This bag fits far more inside of it than the equivalent Delsey that I replaced with the Aviator Carry-On, and I love the compression panel and the quality of the zippers," shared one reviewer.

Why we like the Paravel Aviator:

  • The carry-on is carbon neutral and made with recycled materials.
  • Reviewers state that it is easy to maneuver.
  • It features a scuff-hiding textured finish.

Samsonite Omni carry-on


A popular option on Amazon, the 20-inch polycarbonate Samsonite Omni carry-on offers a ton of value. Features include TSA-approved side-mounted locks, multidirectional spinner wheels, and an interior mesh divider with cross straps.

"I've had this suitcase for 5+ years and it still feels new. The suitcase is very durable and lightweight," says one Amazon reviewer. "I've taken it all across the world and have had no problems. The zippers and wheels are very smooth. I highly recommend this suitcase to everyone."

The bag comes with a 10-year limited warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship.

Why we like the Samsonite Omni:

  • This is one of the best-selling and well-reviewed suitcases on Amazon.
  • It's a premium luggage option available for around $100.
  • Comes in a wide range of color options to fit your tastes.

The best checked luggage of 2024

For heavier packers or those going on longer trips, the best checked luggage options in 2024 boast roomy interiors and ample protection for your belongings.

Rimowa Classic check-in


While Rimowa's Classic aluminum collection may cost more than some flights, consider the line's timeless, grooved suitcases an investment for the long haul. Features include TSA-approved locks, a height-adjustable flex divider (to organize your smaller items) and a telescopic handle. The larger bag, noted as the "L" bag on the Rimowa site, measures a little more than 30 inches, while the slightly smaller medium, or "M" bag measures 27.6 inches. 

The check-ins feature a durable anodized aluminum alloy hardshell, riveted high-gloss aluminum corners, and hand-made leather handles. Plus, this Rimowa piece comes with a complementary leather luggage tag.

Why we like the Rimowa Classic check-In:

  • Its aluminum construction protects your belongings much better than soft-sided or polycarbonate luggage.
  • This suitcase comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Its sleek metallic material gives this checked bag a trendy, high-end look.

Samsonite Winfield 2 check-in

Samsonite Winfield 2

With 20,000-plus Amazon reviews and a 4.5-star average, this affordable, hard-shell carry-on offers great value. Weighing under 7 pounds, it's adored by customers for its spacious pockets and roomy interior.

This suitcase comes with multi-directional spinner wheels for effortless mobility. It's also expandable to help you pack everything you need for your next trip. Other great features include a TSA-compatible lock and a retractable telescope handle. 

"I recently used this suitcase on a three-week international vacation and was amazed at what I could fit in this thing," a verified buyer on Amazon says. "With the help of some packing cubes, I was able to pack all of my clothes and toiletries for my trip with ease. Additionally, the zippers are high quality and easy to zip up."

The Samsonite Winfield 2 check-in comes in 14 colors. Prices vary by color.

Why we like the Samsonite Winfield 2 check-in: 

  • It's available at a great price point for a top-rated suitcase.
  •  It comes with a 10-year warranty. 
  • It's built with four-directional spinner wheels for better maneuverability than other suitcases.

Away Medium check-in

away the medium

Away's hard-sided, polycarbonate bags offer great protection for all your belongings. The suitcases boast 360-degree spinner wheels, and a removable, washable liner. They're available in two models: The Medium (26 inches) and The Large (29 inches). The price below is for the medium version.

"Away luggage provides so much versatility and dependability that I don't own any other luggage brands anymore," one reviewer shares. "I've used the Medium on two-week vacations and it carried enough clothes and toiletries for the duration. Just amazing quality of luggage as well as customer support, when my previous Medium had a zipper issue, they replaced it right away."

Need more room for all your souvenirs? Away offers an expandable "Flex" version of the check-in bag, which boasts two more inches of space. 

Why we like the Away Medium check-in:

  • The suitcase is made with a lightweight polycarbonate shell, so even larger sizes aren't super heavy.
  • The compression panel helps you fit more clothing into this suitcase when packing.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty.

Monos Check-In large

Monos Check-In Large

The Monos Check-In is covered with an aerospace-grade, water-resistant polycarbonate hard shell made from partially recycled materials. It features a TSA-approved combination lock, 360-degree spinner wheels and an anti-microbial lining. Have a Monos carry-on? Monos' smaller suitcases can nest inside it when you're not traveling.  

"The bag has the largest size in its category. Despite that, it feels light and looks classy. I am also impressed with its durability and the way it rolls," a reviewer on Monos' website shares. 

While we like the large bag for international travel or long domestic trips, there's also a medium version available on the site for shorter trips.

Why we like the Monos Check-in large suitcase:

  • It offers a spacious interior for your items.
  • This luggage is made with a high-quality polycarbonate shell.
  • It comes in thirteen color options. Price varies by color.

Quince expandable hardshell check-in suitcase

Quince expandable check-in

Quince, the price-transparent brand famous for $50 cashmere, also offers premium luggage at budget-friendly price points. Like the brand's leather jackets and luxurious but affordable sweaters, the minimalist travel bags are beloved by customers and social media users. 

This ultra-light check-in bag features a polycarbonate shell, interior compartments with a built-in compression panel, removable laundry bag, 360-degree wheels, a TSA-approved lock, telescopic handle and YKK zippers. Reviewers compare it to Monos luggage but for a fraction of the price. 

Why we like the Quince expandable hardshell check-in suitcase:

  • It expands to an additional inch.
  • The checked bag features an Interior compression system to maximize space.
  • It features an aluminum  telescopic handle with a soft rubber handle for a comfortable grip.

Paravel Aviator Grand


It's all in the details with the carbon-neutral Paravel Aviator Grand. The 28-inch polycarbonate shell suitcase with vegan-leather-wrapped side handles and trim is made with recycled materials inside and out. It's perfect for packing 8 to 10 days' worth of clothing -- plus, four pairs of shoes!

"This suitcase is not only sleek but it is functional and can hold so many things," a reviewer on Paravel's website says.

To complete your Instagram-ready luxe travel aesthetic, order a monogrammed cabana tote, or a cabana bundle (featuring a monogrammed luggage tag, card case and passport case).

Why we like the Paravel Aviator Grand:

  • Paravel luggage is carbon neutral, meaning that the company offsets the expected emissions from the manufacturing and delivery process as well as your first trip with the suitcases.
  • The suitcase is made of recycled materials.
  • The checked bag features 360-degree spinning wheel for smooth rolling.

The best aluminum luggage of 2024

We rounded up some of the best aluminum luggage from brands like Rimowa, Tumi, Zero Halliburton and Level8. 

Rimowa original Cabin carry-on 


Want to travel like James Bond? Then you'll need his luggage. The sleek aluminum Rimowa Cabin carry-on suitcase features include 360-degree multiwheel spinners, TSA-approved locks and a telescopic handle that easily glides up and down.  

Aside from its quality materials and construction, one of the greatest benefits of buying a piece of Rimowa luggage is peace of mind. The brand includes a lifetime guarantee on all new suitcases, covering all functional aspects (but excluding wear and tear). Rimowa also offers in-store repairs and even in-hotel repairs at participating international locations.    

Why we like the Rimowa Original Cabin carry-on:

  • Its aluminum construction protects your belongings much better than soft-sided or polycarbonate luggage.
  • This suitcase comes with a lifetime warranty,
  • Its sleek metallic material gives this carry-on a trendy, high-end look.
  • Available in four colors.

Tumi 19 Degree aluminum check-in


Tumi crafted this sleek suitcase out of lightweight aluminum. Features include TSA-approved locks, smooth swivel wheels and an impact-resistant telescoping handle for all-around easy maneuverability. Interior highlights include compression straps, a removable garment sleeve and lots of zipper compartments for organization. Worried about losing your luggage? As part of the Tumi Tracer program, the bag includes a 20-digit number for easy identification. Plus its two TSA-integrated combination locks will keep your belonging safe and secure. 

"The 19 Degree aluminum series is very classy," says one reviewer. "It looks great when checking in and just sets you apart from the rest. I use my 19 Degree aluminum extended packing case and my 19 Degree carryon as a pair every time I travel internationally. I have peace of mind because this luggage series is very tough and protects my precious belongings."

Why we like the Tumi 19 Degree aluminum check-in: 

  • It features durable aluminum exterior and sturdy extension handles, plus retractable side and top carry handles for easy loading and carrying. 
  • It's available in four colors: silver, matte back, dark denim and textured blush. 

Zero Halliburton Continental aluminum carry-on

Zero Halliburton

The luxurious 22-inch, 12.5-pound Zero Halliburton Continental suitcase fits overhead on most domestic flights. It boasts a smooth moving wheel system trademarked by the brand. A three-stage telescopic handle, TSA-compliant lock system, leather accents and a roomy interior with lots of organizational round out the features that make the brushed metal suitcase a keeper. Its smaller size also makes it a great choice for road trips.  

The suitcase also offers plenty of storage and internal compartments to keep all of your belongings organized. The Zero Halliburton Continental aluminum carry-on features a zip separator, wide-panel-tie down straps with a mesh separator to hold clothes in place and a closure compression panel with an extra mesh pocket to hold smaller items. Available in silver, black and bronze. 

Why we like the Zero Halliburton Continental suitcase: 

  • The suitcase features rubber-lined 360-degree wheels for improved ease of use, traction and shock absorption. 
  • A built-in TSA-approved combination lock keeps your belongings secure. 
  • It also comes with a magnetic leather ID tag and free monogramming.

Level8 Gibraltar aluminum carry-on


Crafted of aerospace-grade aluminum magnesium alloy, the Gibraltar aluminum carry-on, available in silver and gray, weighs 10 pounds and fits neatly in the overhead bin of an airplane or the trunk of a car. Keyless and zipper-less, the sleek suitcase boasts TSA-approved locks, 360-degree durable spinner wheels and comes with a four-piece organizer bag set. 

"The suitcase feels and looks high quality. It is heavier than your typical suitcase at 10 pounds, but on par with other metal suitcases," says one verified buyer. "I love the storage dividers, interior fabric, rubber gasket and pull-out handle." 

Why we like the Level8 Gibraltar aluminum carry-on: 

  • It's made with scratch-resistant material and reinforce with meta corner protectors for long-lasting durability. 
  • It includese removable dividers for flexible packing.
  • The suitcase comes with a lifetime warranty. Relatively inexpensive for aluminum luggage. 

The best soft-sided luggage of 2024

If you prefer soft-sided luggage over hard, check out these highly rated options.

Travelpro Maxlite 5


A budget-friendly but highly rated option from Travelpro, the ultra-lightweight Maxlight 5 offers a smooth ride on four spinner wheels and expanding capability (up to two inches) for when you need extra space. 

It's available in two carry-on and two checked sizes, and in a variety of colors. You can also purchase two or three-piece luggage sets.

Why we like the Travelpro Maxlite 5: 

  • The Traveler Maxlite 5's fabric is stain resistant.
  • It's lightweight at just over 5 pounds for the 19-inch carry-on.
  • Like other Travelpro luggage, it comes with a lifetime warranty.

  • Samsonite Bartlett spinner


    The soft-sided Bartlett is one of the most affordable suitcases from Samsonite -- and one of its bestselling suitcases, too. The polyester, soft-shell suitcase features multi-directional spinner wheels, a retractable handle and interior organizational pockets.

    "My favorite bags, all sizes!" shared one reviewer. "They last forever! I travel extensively internationally and this is my bag. I use the smaller version as carry-on and [the medium spinner] as a checked bag." 

    On sale for just $104, it's a terrific value. 

    Why we like the Samsonite Bartlett spinner luggage:

  • It can expand up to an extra two inches.
  • It features rubberized corner protectors to help prevent damage or wear.
  • It offers ample storage space with interior mesh pockets for simple organization.

  • Briggs & Riley Baseline

    Briggs & Riley

    The Briggs & Riley Baseline is one of the sleekest and most luxurious soft-sided suitcases you can get on Amazon. It features shock-absorbing spinner wheels, a one-touch expansion system and a tri-fold garment folder that holds up to two suits without wrinkling. The bag also boasts a power pocket for storing a battery pack. and shock-absorbing spinner wheels for gliding through the airport. 

    Available in a bunch of sizes, the suitcases come with straps so you can stack and secure them together for easy transport. 

    Why we like the Briggs & Riley Baseline luggage:

  • It has a simple one-touch expansion system.
  • The suitcase has a twi-fold garment folder to prevent wrinkling while traveling with formalwear or business attire.
  • The shock absorbing wheels make this bag easy to maneuver.

  • SwissGear Sion rolling luggage

    SwissGear Sion Softside Expandable Roller Luggage

    Travelers on a budget should check out the SwissGear Sion, a highly rated softside suitcase. The no-frills model offers multiple front pockets to stash travel documents, a telescopic handle and spinner wheels. 

    Available as a carry-on, in two checked sizes and in several colors. Prices vary by size and color. The price shown below is for the carry-on in black.

    Why we like the SwissGear Sion rolling luggage:

  • The suitcase is made with durable, scuff-resistant polyester fabric.
  • It comes with convent side handles for carrying along with a push-pull roller handle.
  • It has plenty of interior organization options with a removable zippered wet bag, a large mesh lid pocket and a small packing pocket.

  • The best luggage for kids in 2024

    Travelers Club and JetKids stand out in 2024 as great options for getting your little one ready for your next family vacation.

    Travelers Club kids 5-piece luggage set

    Travelers Club Kids Luggage 5-Piece Set

    This five-piece set includes everything your child needs to travel in comfort and style. It comes with a 18-inch hardside carry-on, a backpack, a lunch bag, a neck and a luggage tag.

    The set "has proven to be a delightful and practical purchase for my family's travel needs," one enthusiastic Amazon reviewer says. "Designed with young travelers in mind, this luggage set offers a range of vibrant colors and playful patterns that instantly captivated my kids' imagination, making packing and traveling an enjoyable experience."

    This set is recommended for kids ages six and up. 

    Why we like the suitcase:

    • It's made with smooth-rolling wheels and a telescoping handle for easy maneuvering.
    • It's available in ten adorable prints. It's an affordable matching luggage set for kids.

    JetKids by Stokke Bedbox ride-on carry-on suitcase


    This 19-inch carry-on serves multiple purposes. It's a suitcase, ride-on transportation for little ones up to 77 pounds, a foot rest and it provides an in-air sleeping surface for kids age 2 and up. It's an excellent starter option for kids that want their own luggage but may get tired of walking or holding onto their suitcase in the airport. 

    The case comes with an extendable lid elongating the seat, making a great place to rest feet. During the flight, a built-in mattress helps this suitcase transform any airplane seat into a comfy makeshift bed. 

    "I dragged my feet on this purchase because of the price tag, but I have zero regrets after traveling solo with my two-year-old and five-year-old," one parent who purchased the suitcase says. "This thing was so easy to maneuver through the airport and through the plane aisles that my two-year-old pulled it herself for most of the trip. The bed feature was super easy to set up and we used it to and from our destination." 

    Why we like the suitcase:

    • It has a versatile design that allows kids to pull or ride on the suitcase. 
    • It has a fun kid-friendly design. 
    • It offers ample storage to fit all of your child's travel essentials. 

    American Tourister Disney hardside carry-on

    American Tourister Kids' Disney Hardside Upright Luggage

    Kids determined to carry their own luggage might like the Disney-themed collection from American Tourister. Available in a variety of sizes and themes, including Disney Princess, Mickey and Minnie Mouse and "Frozen," the bag rolls on side-mounted skate wheels and has dual handles for maneuverability.  

    "I was very impressed by how much you can pack in it. So light yet durable," one Amazon buyer says. "We used it on our recent trip and our four year old was happy to pull it along." 

    The carry-on has earned an impressive 4.8-star rating with almost 6,000 reviews. It is available in 16- and 18-inch sizes. Prices vary by size and color.  

    Why we like this suitcase:

    • You can buy this suitcase in a variety of design options featuring popular characters. 
    • Reviewers report that it's durable enough to stand up to drops, scraps and kicking from little ones. 
    • It's made with a lightweight polycarbonate shell.

    Rockland Jr. My First Hardside spinner luggage

    Rockland Jr. dinosaur hardside suitcase

    This fun dinosaur carry-on is a great starter piece for young children who want their own suitcase to roll. The carry-on is made with a durable and lightweight polycarbonate hard-side shell, easy roll 360-degree spin wheels and an adjustable handle. 

    "My son loves this," one Amazon customer says. "It's cute, lightweight and really sturdy. It's so great to finally have a suitcase for him."

    There are also other characters available, including a dog, lady bug, frog, shark and more. 

    Why we like the suitcase:

    • You can choose from several character and animal options. 
    • It's easy for kids and adults to maneuver thanks to its four 360-degree wheels.
    •  It features easy-grip rubber-lined zippers.

    Calpak Hue mini carry-on

    calpak hue mini carry-on

    The Calpak Hue mini carry-on is the perfect option for kids who want "grown-up luggage" but still want to enjoy fun colors and a small, lightweight design. The 16-inch carry-on is made with a durable polycarbonate hard-shell exterior and features a TSA-approved lock. It also offers a zippered interior divider with multiple pockets for easy organization. 

    "I bought the poppy color for my 8-year-old daughter and it is perfect for her," one reviewer on Calpak's website shares. "It's very easy for a child to maneuver through an airport and onto escalators. We packed clothes and shoes for a weeklong trip to the beach."

    Why we like this suitcase:

    • Since the design is well-suited to both kids and adults, you won't have to worry about your child growing out of this suitcase. 
    • The bag features a zippered interior divider with multiple pockets for easy organization. 
    • It even comes with a two-year warranty.

    The best overnight bags, duffels and weekenders of 2024

    Going on a quick trip? These weekender and overnight bags might not even count as a carry-on. 

    Beis weekender bag


    The bestselling Beis weekender bag is a TikTok and Instagram viral travel bag from actress Shay Mitchell's trendy luggage brand.

    "This is my new favorite travel bag," CBS Essentials senior writer Lily Rose says. "The zippered bottom compartment is perfect for storing wet bathing suits, shoes or dirty laundry."  

    Why we like the Beis weekender bag:

    • It offers plenty of interior storage and organization with a one large zip pocket and two slip pockets.
    • It features a padded laptop sleeve.
    • It's bottom compartment is designed to keep your shoes, toiletries and other travel essentials separate.

    Monos Metro carry-all duffle bag

    Monos Metro Carry-All Duffel

    The Monos Metro carry-all duffle offers plenty of room for all of your must-haves and offers a nice, hands-free carrying option for travelers. The duffle's main compartment includes a zippered pocket, laptop sleeve and a water bottle pocket along with plenty of storage space. It also has two external pockets and a trolley sleeve that can connect to your luggage handle.

    Why we like the Monos Metro carry-all duffle:

    • It's easy to carry with top handles or the padded shoulder strap.
    • The duffle includes two exterior pockets for extra storage space.
    • It works well as a standalone weekend bag or a personal item for longer trips.

    Away Everywhere Bag

    Away The Everywhere Bag

    With a padded laptop pocket, detachable key clip, pockets sized for water bottles, other gadgets and accessories and a detachable padded strap, Away's The Everywhere Bag makes the perfect -- and ridiculously chic -- travel companion. Your loved one can slip it over the handle of a suitcase while wheeling it around the airport.

    One Away reviewer says: "I love my Everywhere bag. I recently travelled with it on a domestic flight and it was so convenient to place the bag under the seat. The best part of the bag is the zippers that go down to the lower portion of the bag, which when opened, gives easy access and visibility to all the contents." 

    Get 'The Everywhere Bag' on sale now in garnet for $156 (regularly $195). Other colors are available at full price.

    Why we like the Away The Everywhere Bag:  

    • It offers ample storage for travel, work or the gym.
    • It looks great.
    • They already have the luggage. This is what's next.
    • The bag comes with a trolley sleeve that can fit around your luggage handle for easy transport.

    The best pet carriers of 2024

    Those traveling with furry friends should invest in a great pet carrier, like one of these great options.

    Away Pet Carrier

    Away The Pet Carrier

    The Pet Carrier from Away luggage transports canine or feline friends in sleek style. It features sherpa bedding to feel like an at-home pet bed and is lined with water-resistant material in case of accidents.

    Latch this pet carrier into a car seat belt or secure it via a sleeve to your Away luggage when you're on the move.  

    "I bought two of these for my 8-pound dachshund mix and my 14-pound cavalier," says one reviewer. "Both fit comfortably and have plenty of space.

    "I love the clasps on the back that attach to the seatbelt. We also took them on a Southwest flight and had no issues with the carriers fitting under the seat side by side."

    Why we like the Away Pet Carrier:

    • It holds pets up to 18 pounds.
    • It's water-resistant for easy clean-up.
    • It meets Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirements.

    Wild One travel carrier

    Wild One

    Wild One, a brand focused solely on furry friends, has constructed a streamlined and reasonably priced travel carrier that doubles as an on-the-go pet bed. Mesh walls offer breathability during travel, while the shoulder strap detaches to become a travel leash. The interior cushion also folds down completely, so the carrier can double as a pet bed. 

    This carrier is airline-compliant and is recommended for use with dogs up to 16 pounds. It's currently on sale for $106 (regularly $125).

    Why we like the Wild One travel carrier:

    • It comes in two classic colors and two limited edition colors.
    • It fits under the seat in front of you on airlines.
    • The shoulder strap doubles as a leash.

    Diggs Passenger pet carrier

    diggs passenger pet carrier

    The Diggs Passenger carrier is designed for easy cleaning. You can attach a pee pad to the carrier bed. Then, if your pet gets car sick or has an accident, you can easily swap out the pee pad through the side panel. The carrier meets most airline requirements and has been crash-tested for car travel. 

    Choose from four colors. Two color options are currently on sale.

    Why we like the Diggs Passenger carrier:

    • It's easy to clean if your pet has an accident.
    • The carrier has great ventilation to keep your pet comfortable.
    • It was crash-tested and received a 5-star rating from the Center for Pet Safety for car travel.

    Best for pets traveling in cargo: Petmate Sky Kennel


    Unfortunately, not all pets can fly in the main cabin of an airplane. Designed for cargo transport, this pet kennel with ventilation on all sides is available in six sizes, ranging from 21 to 48 inches, and protects animals and keeps them safe. 

    It meets most airline cargo specifications for easy and safe travel. All sizes include clip-on bowls and ID stickers, while the 21- and 28-inch versions offer a handle for carrying. Make sure to get the right size kennel for your pet, generally a crate allowing for space to stand, turn around, sit erect or lie down. 

    Prices vary by size.

    Why we like the Petmate Sky Kennel:

  • It has 360-degree ventilation for optimal air flow.
  • The kennel meets most airline cargo specifications.
  • It features a secure four-way vault door.

  • Most versatile travel carrier: Lesure 2-in-1 pet backpack and travel carrier

    lesure 2-in-1 pet carrier

    This TSA-approved pet carrier doubles as a backpack. The carrier features breathable mesh walls, four self-locking zippers and a built-in safety leash so that you can feel confident that your furry friend is secure. 

    The two-in-one carrier can attach to your luggage, be worn as a backpack or carried with standard pet carrier handles. It's suitable for dogs or cats up to 15 pounds.

    Why we like the Lesure 2-in-1 pet backpack and travel carrier:

  • It easily converts from a standard pet carrier to a backpack.
  • The carrier is TSA-approved and airline-compliant.
  • It comes in three colors.

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