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The best gaming chairs under $250 are budget-friendly back savers

The best gaming chairs for $250
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Looking for a new gaming chair? Whether you're a hardcore PC gamer, Nintendo Switch fanatic, or you love playing Xbox and PlayStation games, it's important to find the right chair for those marathon gaming sessions.

In general, most gaming chairs tend to offer more cushioning, neck and lumbar support, and more options than standard office chairs. They can also ensure your back has plenty of support, because some gaming sessions call for you to sit in one place for hours. 

You can spend four figures on a gaming chair -- but you don't have to. Some of the best budget options can go toe to toe with the pricier models. That means you don't have to spend an arm and a leg to stay comfortable when playing your favorite games.

If you're ready to add a gaming chair to your home setup, check out these affordable picks that let you sit down, take a load off, and get your game on. 

The best gaming chairs under $250

Best gaming chair under $250: Respawn 110 ergonomic gaming chair: $166

Respawn 110 Ergonomic Gaming Chair

This affordable Respawn model is a sleek, no-frills chair that can accommodate just about anybody. With super plush cushioning, an adjustable back and integrated lumbar support, it's a dream for the price, and boasts comfort that some chairs twice the price can't offer. 

To maximize accessibility, it supports users up to 275 pounds, and its frame is also wider than most of its competitors. That makes it an ideal choice for users who are larger and taller than average. It comes in six colors as well, so you can choose the shade that fits your style and decor the most. 

This is a great starter chair, but its sturdiness and comfort mean you might end up keeping it far longer -- it can stand up against some of the more "luxurious" gaming chairs, and if it does happen to break down, it's affordable enough to buy another. 

Best gaming chair under $250 for back support: Homall: $100 (19% off)

Homall Gaming Chair

If you're looking for a comfortable seat that focuses on keeping your lumbar area supported, this chair is an excellent option. It comes with a special lumbar support pillow attached to its frame. You can remove or adjust it as needed. There's also a headrest pillow to keep your head supported.

It's another top option for big and tall gamers, with a weight limit of 300 pounds and a gas lift that can bring the seat up and down to fit the perfect height. It can also swivel 360 degrees. 

The seat isn't as plush as our top pick, but it will make sure your back is well-supported, and you can't go wrong with this chair for the price, especially since it routinely goes on sale. 

It also comes in a variety of colors, from lime green to candy pink, so you can decorate your space around your new supportive chair.

Best gaming chair under $250 for marathon sessions: Dowinx ($180)

Dowinx Gaming Chair

If you're sitting for a long time, sweat and discomfort can be a buzzkill. Gaming chairs are typically made of leather-like materials that don't breathe well, and nobody wants to deal with permanent sweat prints on a piece of furniture, even a cheap on.

This gaming chair is made of breathable PU leather. Problem solved.

In addition, it offers a plush, overstuffed-feeling seat that also incorporates a pocket spring system to offer additional support. It has raised sides with even softer material to keep you from feeling like you're squeezed into a hard plastic airplane chair. 

All of these design choices promote better air flow while still keeping you as cozy as possible. It can accommodate users up to 350 pounds and has great lumbar support as well. Plus, it comes in multiple, traditional, office-centric colors like black, brown, white and gray. 

Best gaming chair under $250 with footrest: GTPlayer gaming chair: $100

GTPlayer Gaming Chair

Most gaming chairs are crafted to support your entire frame while you get your game on. But few even take your legs and feet into account. This gaming chair ticks all the boxes you'd expect from the rest of the options on this list, but it also incorporates an adjustable, extendable footrest for those gaming sessions that get really long.

You get a full backrest to support your back as well as head and lumbar pillows, and the lumbar pillow can even offer a calming massage. But the footrest is really where it's at. It pulls out, letting you lift your tired feet instead of keeping them on the floor. 

Beyond this awesome addition, the chair can support users up to 250 pounds and comes in several colors, including white, pink, purple, red, black and white.

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