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The best PS5 games of 2024: Your ultimate pre-order guide

The best PS5 games to preorder in 2024
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The PlayStation 5 has an extensive library of excellent video games, including "Final Fantasy XVI" and "Hogwarts Legacy". But if you've already burned through your backlog and need something new to play, you're in luck. Now that it's 2024, there's a whole new slate of brand new PS5 games that we can't wait to get our hands on. They're all available to pre-order right now, meaning you can get your hands on them as soon as their release dates roll around. 

These upcoming releases, set to debut across the next few months, include major blockbusters like "Final Fantasy VII Rebirth" as well as more niche titles like "Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes," with plenty of options in between. It's safe to say there's a little something for everyone on offer this year, whether you like silly action ("South Park: Snow Day") or pirate-centric exploration ("Skull and Bones").  

These new releases will have you ready to settle in with your favorite gaming chair, throw on a gaming headset, and get lost in a fantasy world for hours. Check out our curated list of the best PS5 games of 2024 you'll want to lock in right away. 

The best PS5 games of 2024 you can pre-order now 

'Persona 3 Reload'

Persona 3 Reload

Release date: February 2, 2024 | Genre: Role-playing | Rating: Mature

"Persona 3 Reload" is a revamped rendition of the classic PlayStation 2 RPG with shiny new graphics and additional content. This version supports 4K resolution and 60 fps. Updated character designs and maps put a fresh spin on the fan-favorite adventure. 

Makoto, the main character, has a hidden ability to summon a persona, or a powerful embodiment of his inner spirit that defends him from terrifying monsters. The core storyline remains faithful to the original, but there are new side quests. 

"Persona 3 Reload" maintains the series' signature turn-based combat system that lets you switch between party members to exploit enemy weaknesses and earn extra turns. Elements like a demon fusion system and social links let you create new monsters from multiple personas and deepen relationships with other characters for stat bonuses. 

This stylish adventure is a new way for anyone who didn't get to experience the game back on PS2 to enjoy it now with plenty of quality upgrades. 

'Helldivers II' 

Helldivers II

Release date: February 8, 2024 | Genre: Co-op shooter | Rating: Mature

In this co-op sci-fi shooter, you take on the role of a Helldiver, whose mission is to defend the planet from an alien invasion. Of course, you're armed to the teeth. It wouldn't make sense for you to be the first line of defense against aliens on a planet called "Super Earth" if you weren't. 

You can join up to three other players to blast your way through battles, wielding crazy, souped-up weapons with plenty of customizations you can make along the way.

Of course, there's the option to sneak, too, if you aren't prone to violence, but either way, those aliens have to go, so it's up to you and your team to figure out the best strategy and coordinate your efforts.

After all, if you've ever watched "Starship Troopers," you know saving the world isn't easy. 

'Skull and Bones'

Skull and Bones

Release date: February 16, 2024 | Genre: Action/Adventure | Rating: Mature

Sail the treacherous seas with this pirate adventure that can be navigated solo or with a crew. You'll find your character stranded on an island following a shipwreck from a tumultuous sea battle. This is where you set off on a journey to rise from obscurity to infamy. The goal? To become the most feared pirate in history. 

Sail ships, assemble a crew, and relentlessly pursue treasure as you rise through the ranks. You'll have to spend a while gathering materials to build and customize your own vessels. Luckily, there's a wide variety of weapons and attachments to enhance your ship's capabilities.

You will encounter other seafarers you'll have to obliterate every so often. Alternatively, you can join forces with other pirates to tackle formidable enemy ships. Plus, there's a wide world to explore, so it's not all about swilling rum and having people walk the plank. 

'Final Fantasy VII Rebirth'

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Release date: February 29, 2024 | Genre: Role-playing | Rating: Teen

"Final Fantasy VII Rebirth" arrives as the eagerly awaited second installment in the iconic "Final Fantasy VII Remake" series. This chapter continues the adventures of Cloud and his companions, including Aerith, Tifa, Barret, Red XIII, Yuffie, and the return of familiar faces like Cait Sith and Vincent. 

Picking up after the events of the first game, "Final Fantasy VII Rebirth" has more than a few tricks up its sleeve via deviations from the original game's storyline. It'll span an epic journey to the Forgotten Capital, following Cloud and his allies as they flee the city of Midgar in pursuit of the enigmatic Sephiroth.

Though technically it's a sequel, "Final Fantasy VII Rebirth" can stand on its own as an independent adventure, complete with a recap of the first game for both newcomers and returning players. 

It also uses the real-time battle system introduced in "Remake" for an evolved combat experience. Exploration is broadened with new modes of travel, including the ability to ride Chocobos and traverse the land. 

Additionally, this time, you'll get to play plenty more mini-games, including those found in the game's vibrant Gold Saucer. It looks like an even more expansive adventure than the first entry, so if you're a fan, you're in for a treat. 

'Unicorn Overlord'

Unicorn Overlord

Release date: March 8, 2024 | Genre: Tactical role-playing | Rating: Teen

"Unicorn Overlord" marks a bold new venture for Vanillaware, a developer known for distinctive style and unique games. This tactical RPG breaks new ground for the studio, serving up gorgeous artwork and an expansive world map to explore at your own pace, with a blend of compulsory and optional quests.

The game is rendered in Vanillaware's signature 2D art style, which sets it apart from so many other titles. But it's not just another pretty face. It's a challenging and exciting game, from what we've seen so far. 

In "Unicorn Overlord," you explore the game world in real time and shift into turn-based combat upon encountering enemies. This approach makes for a dynamic balance between strategy and action. The story goes beyond conventional exploration and fighting, too, adding a variety of tasks that help to break things up a bit. 

This challenging tactical RPG should be exactly what Vanillaware fans have been waiting for. But it'll certainly court new players as well with its unique approach and art style.

'Alone in the Dark'

Alone in the Dark

Release date: March 20, 2024 | Genre: Survival horror | Rating: Mature

"Alone in the Dark" is a chilling return to the series' survival-horror roots, with a new game set in the eerie Derceto Manor. You step into the shoes of either Edward Carnby or Emily Hartwood, portrayed by David Harbour of "Stranger Things" fame as well as actress Jodie Comer of "Killing Eve." 

This reimagined vision of the terrifying series pays tribute to the original 1990s horror classic, offering a fresh yet nostalgic experience. You'll be tasked with exploring the manor, confronting monstrous entities, solving intricate puzzles and unraveling the disturbing secrets hidden within its walls. 

The game is designed to deliver an intense psychological thriller experience, as if you were watching a horror flick, so if you're sensitive to that kind of content, this'll be one to skip. But if you thrive on jump scares and love being terrified, you should feel right at home here. 

'Dragon's Dogma II'

Dragon's Dogma II

Release date: March 22, 2024 | Genre: Action role-playing | Rating: Mature

"Dragon's Dogma 2" marks the revival of a cult favorite after more than a decade, following 2012's "Dragon's Dogma." It's a new twist on the old game with a blend of familiar and new elements that still keep the hallmark features of the original game, including class-like vocations and helpful pawns to assist in quests. 

Step into the shoes of the "Arisen," a hero tasked with defeating a dragon, all the while tackling quests and felling fantastical enemies. With the help of pawns, you'll have to embark on a lengthy quest to take out the dragon that ate your heart, all the while making new friends and enemies.  

This time around, "Dragon's Dogma 2" takes a step further by emphasizing choice-driven gameplay, which affords more freedom and impact on your overall journey. And thanks to the recent "Resident Evil" games' RE Engine, it'll look better than ever. So while it'll feel familiar to many, it'll look like a completely different game after so much time has passed – which may be the boon needed to get more new players on board. 

'Rise of the Rōnin'

Rise of the Ronin

Release date: March 22, 2024 | Genre: Action | Rating: Mature

"Rise of the Rōnin" transports you back to the historic setting of Edo, Japan, during the late 19th century for some serious swordplay. Set against the backdrop of the Boshin War, you create and customize a character who becomes a part of this moment in history. 

With a wide range of combat options, including including katanas and firearms of the era, you'll slay your way to the top and make a name for yourself. You'll also be faced with critical decisions, which will force you to align with or oppose all kinds of non-player characters. Those choices will significantly change the outcome of the game later on. 

Explore meticulously recreated historic cities such as Yokohama, Kyoto, and Edo, alongside rural countrysides. Hitch rides on horses, grappling hooks and gliders. This challenging game looks to be one that'll delight anyone who loved "Ghost of Tsushima."

'South Park: Snow Day'

South Park Snow Day

Release date: March 30, 2024 | Genre: Action | Rating: Mature

Join "South Park" characters Cartman, Stan, Kyle and Kenny in a new 3D adventure celebrating a winter occasion every kid loves: snow day. Up to four players can team up and wander the snow-laden streets of South Park with the objective of saving the world. Because Cartman loves being dramatic, of course. 

Like other recent "South Park" games, this adventure turns one simple day into an intense, over-the-top fantasy. For the kids of South Park, the town is a scene of fantasy fighting that's far more serious than it actually is. That's part of what makes it so funny – though obviously, this snow day is for adults, thanks to its raunchy humor. 

It may not be as deep of an experience as games like "South Park: The Fractured But Whole," but it's definitely set to bring the laughs. 

'Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes'

Eiyuden Chronicles: Hundred Heroes

Release date: April 23, 2024 | Genre: Role-playing | Rating: Pending

Crafted by the duo Yoshitaka Murayama and Junko Kawano of "Suikoden" fame, this adventure is a spiritual successor to that popular RPG series. It centers on two men, once united in their dream of a peaceful future, who find themselves on opposing sides. 

The game features a classic six-character battle system, with stunning 3D backgrounds. Impressively, it includes 100 intricately interconnected characters to find and recruit, much like "Suikoden" back on the PlayStation. That's one of its biggest draws, in addition to its classic setup that feels just like stepping into the past and enjoying a good ol' traditional JRPG. 

Whether you're an old "Suikoden" fan or just looking for a game that'll provide dozens of hours of gameplay, you won't want to skip out on this one. The idea of tracking down 100 different characters alone is an exciting enough prospect without the rest of the package, too. 

Is pre-ordering a PS5 game worth it?

When you pre-order, you reserve your copy to ensure you're one of the first to get the game on launch day. Some retailers offer exclusive pre-order bonuses you can't get anywhere else. Pre-ordering guarantees you don't miss out, and in many cases either saves you money or helps you get extra goodies for your game. 

What are the other benefits of pre-ordering a PS5 game?

Pre-ordering means you'll be playing the game on Day One -- before copies sell out. You may also get the game pre-loaded digitally. And limited special editions of games can sell out fast, so pre-order to secure those rare collectibles. Getting in early means more playtime and more exclusive perks.

Does pre-ordering a PS5 game save money?

Sometimes you'll save some cash if you pre-order a game when there's a promotion available. Usually, however, the pre-order price is the same as the price at launch. But you often get valuable promo items, add-ons or early access included for free when you pre-order, so you get a bit of bonus value that makes taking the time to buy early worth your while.

How far in advance should I pre-order a PS5 game?

You can and should pre-order as soon as pre-sales open when dealing with popular franchises. Limited special editions can sell out quickly, so pre-order right away to guarantee your copy. For standard editions, you can wait, but pre-ordering early ensures you get exclusive content. As long as you pre-order before launch day, you're set. That can mean up to hours before the game comes out, if you're someone who waits until the last minute often. 

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