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Key tests in primaries in several states

Voters in five states are heading to the polls for primaries Tuesday, but the key race to watch is in the battleground state of Georgia, where Republican Gov. Brian Kemp is opposing Trump-endorsed former Sen. David Perdue. There are also critical Republican primaries in Alabama and tests for both progressives and the Bush political dynasty in Texas. Starbucks is closing all its stores in Russia over Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine. And New York City's last remaining pay phone has been removed. It next heads to a museum.


Biden: U.S. willing to defend Taiwan "militarily"

During his first official trip to Asia, President Biden said the U.S. would respond "militarily" if China were to invade the self-ruled island of Taiwan. The comment is drawing criticism due to the United States' long-standing policy of maintaining ambiguity when it comes to making a security commitment to Taiwan. Dan Blumenthal, senior fellow and director of Asian studies at the American Enterprise Institute, joined CBS News' Lana Zak to discuss.

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