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White House takes questions on Rafah strike

CBS News senior White House and political correspondent Ed O'Keefe on Tuesday asked National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby how this week's Israeli strike on Rafah that killed dozens in a tent camp hadn't violated a "red line" President Biden had laid out for Israel. Kirby responded, "We don't want to see a major ground operation, we haven't seen that at this point." O'Keefe then asked how many more "charred corpses" Mr. Biden needed to see before changing policy on weapons supplies for Israel. Kirby said, "We don't want to see a single more innocent life taken and I kind of take offense to the question." It was one of several questions Kirby faced about the strike during the briefing.

White House on latest civilian deaths in Gaza

Israel is shifting blame for the strike on Rafah that killed dozens in a tent camp to a secondary explosion that they say could have caused a fire in the camp. On Tuesday, the White House said the latest civilian deaths in Gaza had not crossed the "red line" President Biden warned would cause the U.S. to withhold weapons from Israel. Former DHS assistant secretary for counterterrorism Samantha Vinograd joined CBS News to discuss the situation in Gaza.

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