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The Dish: Stefano Secchi

In 2019, chef Stefano Secchi opened Rezdora, his take on the foods of the Emilia Romagna region of Italy he'd been eating since childhood. A three-star New York Times review would follow and a Michelin star in 2021. And while that's made one of Rezdora's 60 seats awfully hard to get, the accolades haven't changed what you'll find once you get there: a restaurant built on tradition, with a chef who has woven a story into every bite. Dana Jacobson reports.


The Dish: Chef Alfred Portale looks back on three decades at Gotham Bar and Grill

On the ongoing dish series, “CBS This Morning: Saturday” is catching up with an old face in a new place. Chef Alfred Portale has spent nearly four decades in the culinary sphere. A pioneer in the “new American” food movement, with multiple James Beard awards, a Michelin star, unprecedented reviews and three best-selling cookbooks, Portale has little to prove. However, that didn't stop him from leaving the iconic New York restaurant he helped build to open a place of his own. He and Dana Jacobson reflect on the chef’s years-long career.

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