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Marie Yovanovitch


Impeachment trial resumes amid Bolton claims

The president's legal team is set to continue presenting arguments today after two bombshells over the weekend. CBS News obtained video that appears to show President Trump telling Rudy Giuliani's associate Lev Parnas he wanted to "get rid of" Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch. Also, the New York Times reports former national security adviser John Bolton wrote in an upcoming book that the president told him he wanted to withhold aid from Ukraine until officials announced investigations into the Bidens. CBS News White House correspondent Paula Reid joins CBSN with the latest.


Hill: There was "different channel" for Ukraine

National Security Council expert Fiona Hill testified Thursday that there was a "different channel" at work in the State Department with regard to Ukraine. Republican counsel Stephen Castor asked Hill why she did not think U.S. policy towards Ukraine was headed in the right direction when she left her post. Hill said she was concerned about former Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch's removal and about what she called "a different channel in operation in relation to Ukraine. ... One that was domestic and political in nature, and that was very different from the channel, or loop... that I and my colleagues were in."

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