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Affirmative Action


Affirmative action ruling could impact hiring

There are new concerns about diversity programs in the workplace and hiring after the Supreme Court upended affirmative action in college admissions last week. While the justices' ruling does not legally interfere with diversity in the workplace, experts say the move creates an opening for conservative groups to challenge business policies based on hiring and promoting minority employees. Noam Scheiber, labor and workplace reporter for the New York Times, joins CBS News to discuss what the law says.


2024 GOP candidates on Supreme Court rulings

Former President Donald Trump and other Republican presidential candidates over the weekend praised the recent rulings by the Supreme Court. The court's six conservative-leaning justices ruled against affirmative action and President Biden's student loan forgiveness plan last week, among other decisions. CBS News' Skyler Henry and senior White House and political correspondent Ed O'Keefe have more on the responses from both sides of the aisle.


Face The Nation: Holder, Drake, Gorman

Missed the second half of the show? The latest on...Eric Holder, who served as Attorney General under former President Obama, tells "Face the Nation" that "the notion of affirmative action is to take into account one of many things, when you look at qualified students applying to college", Michael Drake, the president of the University of California system, notes to "Face the Nation" that "affirmative action was one tool we used in the past that was removed" to create opportunities for a diverse student body, and Lindsay Gorman, a technology expert at the German Marshall Fund, discusses on "Face the Nation" how to differentiate AI-generated images online from real ones.


Ruth Simmons on affirmative action ruling

The Supreme Court overturned decades of precedence in ruling that colleges and universities can no longer consider race as a factor in admissions decisions. Ruth Simmons was the first black president of an Ivy League university, and is now a President's Distinguished Fellow at Rice University and a Special Adviser to the President of Harvard University. She joins CBS Mornings to discuss the impact this decision will have and how schools can continue to work towards diverse student bodies without affirmative action.

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