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State Police Looking For Suspects Throwing Beer Bottles At Cars On Rt. 288

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WAMPUM (KDKA) -- A dangerous prank has police and drivers in Ellwood City on alert.

Authorities say someone is throwing beer bottles into car windshields.

It's happened three times in less than a week on a dark and winding stretch of Route 288. All three victims are teenagers.

Taylor Hackett is a senior in high school. She was driving a friend home the other night when something scared the heck out of her.

"It was terrifying. I didn't know what hit me at first. I pulled off, got out of the car, and I can see beer all over my windshield," Hackett said.

Late Wednesday night, Tanya Ables got a disturbing call from her 18-year-old son. It had happened to him, too. She reacted like any mom would.

"Thank God you didn't wreck," she said.

(Source: Tanya Ables)

In less than a week, three cars, driven by teens, had their windows suddenly smashed by a flying beer bottle. It happened along a stretch of Route 288-Wampum Road in Lawrence County.

No one has much good to say about the culprit behind the attacks.

"It's not a joke," said Ables. "You could kill somebody. Or they could get really hurt."

"I could have gotten cut. It could have gone through the windshield," said Hackett. "So many things could have gone wrong. This was bad. But it could have been so much worse than what it was."

State police are investigating, but they don't have many leads.

Meanwhile, the victims have some insurance, but they'll still have to reach into their pockets and go through the aggravation of getting a new windshield.


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