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Ex-Mayoral Candidate's Wife Speaks Out After Arrests

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- Pittsburgh Police officers from Zone 6 made the arrest of AJ Richardson, his wife Felecia and their two children on Friday night.

Felecia Richardson was released from jail yesterday and today she is speaking out saying her family is innocent.

"I am devastated," Richardson said. "I did not want to come back to this house yesterday. This is the most god awful thing that has ever happened."

Felecia Richardson says she feels betrayed by the Pittsburgh Police after her family's arrest for criminal conspiracy and filing false reports charges.

Friday the Allegheny County District Attorney's Office released the findings of its investigation into 100 bogus 911 calls it says were made from the Richardson home by its members.

The calls are domestic violence-related, ranging from a woman begging for help to others where the caller says A.J. Richardson is beating up his children and threatening them with a gun and a machete.

The address for all of the calls is the Richardson's Bergman Street residence.

But the Richardson family has denied ever placing them saying they believe someone else is making them.

According to the Criminal Complaint, phone records show the 911 calls came from either the land line inside the home or a cell phone registered to the Richardson family.

Felecia says she's checked with her provider who told her otherwise. She says police wouldn't allow her to listen to the 911 calls because she wouldn't say it was her voice, her husband's voice or their children's.

"I was told I was brainwashed," Richardson said. "I was told I was delusional. I was told I needed psychiatric behavior help."

A.J. Richardson remains in the Allegheny County Jail on a $30,000 straight bond. His two youngest sons are in the Schuman Detention Center. The oldest son is in a group home with Child Protective Services.

Ex-Mayoral Candidate Richardson, Wife Charged In 911 Call Incidents
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