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Larry Krasner impeachment process continues in Pa. Senate

Senate to vote on 2 resolutions in impeachment process of DA Larry Krasner
Senate to vote on 2 resolutions in impeachment process of DA Larry Krasner 00:23

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Pennsylvania lawmakers will move forward with the impeachment process for Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner on Tuesday.

Krasner, a Democrat, was formally impeached by the Republican-controlled Pennsylvania House earlier this month, and now the state Senate is required to step in.

On Tuesday, the Senate will vote on two resolutions that are necessary to move the impeachment process along.

Removing Krasner from office requires a two-thirds majority vote in the state Senate.

So far, no trial date has been set.

GOP politicians want Krasner removed from office, arguing his bail policies and declining or failing to prosecute some minor crimes have contributed to crime in Philadelphia.

The impeachment vote followed reports from the House Select Committee on Restoring Law and Order, which blamed a rise in crime on Krasner's progressive policies.  

Krasner's office has called the impeachment process a "nakedly politicized" attempt to erase the will of the voters who have elected him to his office twice. A statement released earlier this month detailed the office's processes for trying homicide and shooting cases, the scrutiny on other progressive DAs and reforms that Krasner says would help reduce crime.

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