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CBS News Foreign Correspondent Debora Patta Gives Firsthand Look At Devastation In Ukraine

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- As Russia's attack on Ukraine continues to intensify, reporting from the war zone is becoming increasingly difficult and dangerous. CBS News foreign correspondent Debora Patta has been on the front lines of the war giving us a firsthand look at the devastation.

CBS3's Natasha Brown spoke with Patta -- who was in Kyiv -- about the toll this war has taken, not just on the people of Ukraine, but also on the journalists who are capturing the images of devastation and carnage.

Patta has covered several wars and been in the midst of many conflict areas so we asked her about what makes this war different.

"War has one thing in common for me and that is the decimation, the devastation, the death so often feels pointless, the suffering just meaningless. These poor, innocent people often the very young, the elderly who suffer. It's always the civilians who seem to bear the brunt of the violence. Behind every broken wall there is a story to be told of people who lived there, who loved, who laughed," Patta said.

Patta says they are always vigilant about their safety, all while bringing an accurate and unflinching account of the war in Ukraine.

Watch the video for more. 

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